Thursday, June 30, 2011


Day 43 of hospital bed rest

Since it's Thursday, I had my standard NST.  Everything was great - heartbeats were good and no contractions.  I knew that the growth scan was going to be today just didn't know what time.  Well I was actually able to go to ultrasound!  It was great getting wheeled over there -- it's always nice to get out of the room for a bit.  I also like it in there better because you have your own screen to view vs just trying to see the tech's screen.  I didn't have to wait but 5 minutes while they set up the room.  When she put the wand on my stomach I said "OMGosh is that his head...he's head down?!?!!" She said "Yes and the other twin is as well."  I about jumped out of my skin, and my jaw was on the floor!!  We got the best outcome today, I mean to have twin b head down as well is just a cherry on top.  The twinkies just looked great.  She could only get a couple pics for S&B .  The cutest one is the lil miss' feet.  At last scan (26 weeks) the boy weighed 1lb 12oz and now is 2 lbs 15oz.  The girl was 2lbs 2 oz and now is 3lbs 3oz -- wonderful weight!  Of course, I immediately text S after it was over and told her the wonderful news.  Dr. Esahinpoor (our multiples doctor we've seen since the beginning here when were just at the multiples clinic) was SO happy to hear the results.  It's just everyday they are head down and get bigger the smaller the chance he will move out of position.  That was just the best scenario we could have gotten today -- it's nice getting good news ;-)  Now to make it to our next goal!!

Funny story...

JP has been very anti-pjs for the past couple weeks and just wants to wear his clothes to bed.  Well the past 3 nights (in the dark), he has gotten up, changed out of his jammies & pull up and put on a tee, shorts & undies, then just goes back to bed.  I was like "what!??!" talk about stubbornness.  This morning Lauren figured out that he's been wearing the EXACT same "clothes" outfit every time he has changed - captain america tee, jean shorts & undies.  I was like how in the heck did he find the exact same thing in the dark every night?  No one knows how he does it.  Now today, Ray or Lauren couldn't get JP out of his captain america shirt after he woke up, so he wore it to school today.  I asked Ray what he did with that shirt tonight, and it's in the wash.  I am very interested to see what happens tomorrow morning.  Ray told JP when he tucked him in tonight that "he better not change clothes otherwise he'll be in big trouble tomorrow morning." They just crack me up. The pics below are the ones Ray took tonight after they ate dinner (Ray made up the captions LOL)

"I sleeping"

"The idea is put on paper"

"The artist is still hard at work"

"Envisioning the idea"

"Looking to the sky for inspiration"

 (yes he's still wearing that captain america shirt OVAY LOL)

 Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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  1. So funny about your son!
    And YAY for head down babies!! Now stay put!