Tuesday, June 7, 2011

27 weeks!!

Day 20 of hospital bed rest

The title says it all 27 weeks!!  Here's some fun facts : my fundus (top to bottom of the uterus) is measuring 35 weeks and my belly is 44'' around! These babies are growing fast :)  Today was a really fun day.  I went to the ante-partum group this afternoon.  It was just nice meeting the other women I am sharing the hall with.  My friend Manisha delivered her triplets, so it's me just and another woman carrying multiples.  Everyone else on the floor is just carrying a singleton.  The ladies were all so nice.  Two women had premature rupture of their membranes.  Another two were similar to me and having cervical issues.  Georgette, the social worker, had me explain my "unique" situation and explain what surrogacy really entails.  Everyone who knows me, I have no problem talking to anyone LOL It was just great talking to everyone.  I am hoping to maybe get together w/2 of the gals tomorrow.  Of course today starts the countdown to possibly going home on bed rest :)  7 days to go...fingers crossed!  The rest of the afternoon I was just stitching away.  I told Ray he's going to have to pick me up some more 469 thread, because there's definitely not enough left to finish the boat.  I'll probably start on the water tomorrow after the thread runs out.  Well it's almost time for Improvaganza...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies


  1. Yay for 27 weeks! Keep up the great work! :-)

  2. looking good there momma and way to go!