Saturday, June 4, 2011

Really Whitney Really?!?!

Day 17 of hospital bed rest

Today started out great, when my boys walked through my door.  They always put the biggest smile on my face.  Ray came armed with the bag from Joann Fabrics.  Before we dove into that, JP wanted to take mommy in her wheelchair outside to the garden.  Today, we FINALLY got to see one of the transport helicopters land.  It was so cool.  Like clockwork, they started getting hungry, so down to the cafeteria we went.  We made it up to my room right before my lunch arrived and that gave Ray time to get all the cross stitch supplies set up.  While I was eating my lunch, me and JP got some great snuggle time in.  He loved laying w/mommy and her snoogle.   JP was telling mommy to be get tucked in under the sheets and to lay down :)  My boys really do take care of me!  By the time I was done eating, Ray was ready to bestow his wisdom down on me.  He explained the pattern and the color coding.  Once his fingers had warmed up to the needle (last time he cross stitched was when he was 12), he got the first lines started for me, so I could watch. It was my turn.  After a slight mistake of starting the next row in the wrong space, I quickly got the hang of it!! On that note, Ray said they were gonna head out, so JP could still get a nap in. I asked him to call my phone before they left because I didn't know where it was.  This is where the title comes in...I LOST MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I am that person that would lose a phone in a tiny hospital room.  I really think that it fell off my tray next to the bed and fell in the trash right when the lady came in to take my trash out.  Ray of course turned the room upside down and it was NOWHERE.  The hubs was NOT happy about having to buy me a new phone today.  He'll be rubbing this one in for a long time LOL  They're bringing it tomorrow, so I'll definitely take some pics.  After that fiasco, the NICU was able to squeeze me in for a tour.  The charge nurse was lovely.  You can tell she really cares.  I made sure to ask about what I need to do w/my pumped milk when the time comes.  Before they give the babies any breast milk, you fill out paperwork describing what meds your on etc, it gets paneled, and then the doctor's sign off.  They'll give me labels for all the containers/bags, and it'll then be put in their freezer or fridge (pending on how fast it's being used).  S & B will take a tour next time they come down.  Well it's about that time -- meds, vitals and babies heartbeats.....

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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