Friday, June 24, 2011

295 v 181

Day 37 of hospital bed rest

I got farther on the coat.  I finished part of the highlight red and a bit of the white collar.  Ray's pretty impressed w/my stitching skills ;-) I did have a couple people text me today about today's episode of "the view".  I was actually really upset w/Alexis Stewart :(  To me, she just sounded awful, and I would never be able to carry for someone like her.  I am so thankful for the loving/caring IPs I have, because it's not just about me and them. It's also about my husband and son. We are all just blessed to have found one another.  The part about the "twiblings" was lovely though.  I was very happy about that segment.  I just wish the whole Alexis part was cut out. 

The boys came over just in time to take me downstairs for dinner at 4pm.  I didn't know how hungry I was.  JP and I shared a loaded pork nacho plate from Baja Fresh - OMG did that hit the spot!!  The twinkies were extremely happy (might do a repeat tomorrow for lunch hehe). It was great just eating some meat.  I'm pretty sure I ate the whole plate in like 10 minutes -- didn't even say a word to Ray.  I was just stuffing my face.  After we finished eating, we spent a good chunk of time enjoying the breeze out on the garden.  Ray's been making JP "watches" out of blades of flowers whenever we go out there now.  JP just loves having a "watch" on like daddy.  I tell ya they really are "Thing 1" & "Thing 2".  I did have them bring me a couple things today besides clean laundry...cereal w/disposable bowls, the vitamins I like, and some fresh granny smith apples :)  In the room, we all just cuddled on the bed.  I could really tell today that Ray is tired.  He actually took a lil nap -- even started snoring.  I was just laying next to him rubbing his neck, and he just was out.  It was just really sweet :)  I love my boys! 

Kelly and I had a "date" tonight.  We got our scrabble on.  I was joking that I wish I would have asked Ray to bring our game.  Then, she's like oh don't worry I have it!  Ray and I are admittedly "scrabble sharks".  Kelly did pretty well for someone who says they stink LOL Hence the title of today's blog.  I just got lucky on the special squares ;-)  I think we will be playing A LOT more.  We also got word that they got more ante partum women. I was thinking that I might have Ray bring our Pictionary if we get some more gals involved.  Well it's almost time for vitals & meds....

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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