Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4 weeks

4 weeks of hospital bed rest

Four weeks have gone by in room 259, and I'm still pregnant!  I just wish it was next Tuesday already because I want to know what my cervix is doing! 

I got back to my boat today and made a little bit more progress on the hull.  This afternoon I was still feeling pretty exhausted from yesterday's events.  Before I knew it, I just passed out.  I'm not much of a napper, only if Ray is sleeping next to me, but I needed it today.  When I woke up, I realized the Extreme Couponing marathon was on TLC!!  I hafta say I'm just so obsessed w/that show.  I will be an extreme couponer whenever I do make it outta here.  I mean really if you have the time, everyone should do it.  I will have the time LOL  We don't eat pre-packaged meals, but I would mostly do it for bulk items like tissue paper, tooth paste, deodorant, cereal, Ray's sports drinks, etc.  Another concern is the space for a "stock pile", we are lucky that we will have the room whenever it gets going.  My nurse, Mary, came in at 4pm to listen to the twins heartbeats.  She's like what are you watching? I said YOU'VE NEVER SEEN EXTREME COUPONING?!?!? She's like what's that?  I was like SIT DOWN YOU ARE WATCHING THIS...she was in her words "flabbergasted".  She now wants to start as well. 

Ray and JP came in with Jessica/Joseph (Ray's brother/sister) around 530 w/five guys! WOOHOO JP was so cute, and we shared my cheeseburger.  He had mustard, ketchup and mayo all over his face -- adorable LOL  His brother/sister just flew in from AR yesterday and love MD.  They're here till next Wednesday :)

After we gobbled down our food, they wheeled me outside.  It was gorgeous out.  It's great spending time w/the family.  I am bummed though, I won't be w/JP his first time he goes to DC.  I still haven't been down to see the sights yet.  They're going tomorrow.  I made sure to tell Jessica that she is now in charge of all the picture taking since I won't be there.  Ray said they're going to take the train -- JP will be in heaven!  They're all just going to have a blast :)  Well it's almost time for SYTYCD!!!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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  1. I hope you get to go home on Tuesday. Looks like you had a nice family visit...and now I want 5 Guys!! Mmmm....