Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last post!

It seems like just yesterday,  we got the news that my cervix was shortening, and I was going to be put on bed rest.  Because of everything I learned, I will keep this blog "alive." It would be great to know that I helped someone else get through their fight :)!  Well we all know what my fight was here are some new pics that S emailed me of Ellie and Owen!!

I can't believe what chunkers they are!!  Gosh, I just want to squeeze those little cheeks!!  Weaning off pumping went fairly well.  I found a couple good tips from SMO like wearing 2 bras -- what a lifesaver.  It was a little sad seeing the FedEx truck pull away for the last time. 

Well, I hope you will all follow me on my new lose the FINAL 11lbs and heck maybe even a little more!!!!  After last Wednesday, I'm now down to 136 WOOHOO!  Here's my new blog  Follow my crazy battle with the scale to get back to 125lbs!! 

Thanks again to everyone for all the support through it all :)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This chapter is finally closed :)

As of 7am this morning, I had my final pumping session.  It was definitely bittersweet.  On one hand yes it's going to be great to get a venti caffeinated pumpkin spice w/an extra shot & drink my dear moscato, but then I know this is really the end.  FedEx is coming to get the one box tonight, and I'll schedule the final pick up for Thursday.  I made my original goal of at least 2 months :)  Here's the latest pics S sent me -- I definitely know that the breast milk did it's job because they're just chunkers now (even if they might have been a tad gassy LOL)!!!

If you took a peak at the ticker at the top...down to 137!!! 12lbs to go!!!  I was definitely excited when I saw that on the scale this morning.  I had my free personal training session this morning at the gym.  It went great!  I love just being pushed to the max.  I told him my major concern is saddle bags and he gave me some new things to do -- love it (even if it's sooo painful lol).  I was walking like my legs were jello afterwards & it was great!! Because I LOATHE running, I finally figured out a way to trick myself into running longer distances.  I just cut out tracks during my body pump routine and run during them!! I ran 2.1 miles yesterday and didn't die -- crazy!  I can't even remember the last time I ran that far.  I'm just starting this week out @ 5mph and next week I'll up it to 5.5 and so on. 

I still can't believe it's all over now.  Now I'm just wondering what size my boobs are going to shrink back down too LOL!

Until Next Time,


Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Beast is "back"

Ahhh I finally went to the gym on monday.  I couldn't believe how weak I was.  Literally, the entire workout my whole body was convulsing!  Yea maybe I went a little too hard first day back, but that's how I do it LOL!  It did feel really good to have those weights back in my hand.  This whole week everyone's been making fun because I can't walk up/down the stairs or sit on the toilet w/out bracing myself because my legs are shot!  Tuesday morning, I could feel every single muscle fiber in my legs!  I did go back to the gym but did only arms.  My arms aren't that bad.  Today, I ran even farther since my legs are finally getting back to normal.  I was really happy on how far I went and then walked the rest of my loop.  I haven't weighed myself yet this week...figured I would next week after I've been in the gym for a full week :)  I'm really not worried about losing the last 15, it's just getting my strength back that is going to take a long time. 
I finally got aunt flo back today.  She's definitely making it known she's back in town HAHA!  Uh, I did have to finally go buy tampons yesterday -- BOO!  I hope it doesn't last too long.  We'll see how it goes.  I can't believe the babies will be 8wks old already on Sat.  The pumping is still going but the supply is definitely decreasing.  I don't see it drying up soon, so my original goal of pumping through Oct. being weaned by 1st week in Nov should definitely be achieved :) 

*I have to give a "shout-out" to Krys!  She's 34w and will be taking off bed rest at 36w :) She's almost there and doing an amazing job!*

Until next time!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

7 Weeks 1 day PP

Ahhh the baby "factory" is  closed :)  I had my 6 week postpartum appt friday morning.  It went great!  Everyone just wanted to hear about those twinkies!! It was really great seeing the staff and doctors to say thanks. I got mirena put in, so Sept 2016 looks like I'll be making an appt to get my tubes tied.  Then, my factory will be "officially" closed.  Also, they just started doing flu shots, so I got one as well.  I figured these past couple months I've spent enough time at the doctors. As of last Tuesday, I'm down 1 more pound to 140!  Tomorrow I'm FINALLY going back to the gym!!! I can't wait to get some weights in my hands and really work out!  Seriously, I will probably dream about it because I am THAT excited! oh btw,  I can finally say what the twinkies presents are...I cross stitched their birth announcements and got them framed!!    

It was literally a labor of love :)  S&B got them yesterday.  I wrote a special note on the back of each... carried with love, strength, & determination... love "aunt" whitney.  It was soo hard keeping those presents a secret, but I knew I just wanted to make them something special that they'll always have.  The milk factory is still going.  This past week though, my supply has started to dip. I just hafta see how it goes.  Well, I need to pump before the PACKER BEAR GAME!!!  WOOHOO GO PACK GO!!! 

Until Next Time,


Saturday, September 10, 2011

5wks PP

It's crazy to think that the twinkies are now "officially" as of this past tuesday a month old!!  With out any further's some pics that S has sent me!!

 Owen - 2 weeks old (i love the fist pump!)

Ellie - 2 weeks old (i told S i just want to squeeze those lil cheeks)

Ellie - 4 weeks old ( i can't believe how much hair she has!)

Owen - 4 weeks old (he's mr. chunk now!!)

Owen - 1 month...the brewers outfit i got him!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE
(S had ellie's Braun onesie on but then there was apparently an accident which needed an immediate outfit change -- so i'm still waiting LOL)

Ellie (L) Owen (R) - from their newborn photoshoot...they are just beautiful

Ellie - 1 month old (heart)

Owen - what a stud muffin!

As you can see from the pics, they are just growing like weeds!!! Pumping for them has definitely been doing it's job :) I guess they've been really gassy lately, so much so at their last peditrician appt they had to open the door in the exam room!! So something I'm eating they must be sensitive too...the dr. said dairy might be the culprit.  As of today, dairy is out, so we'll see if that's it.  I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE dairy, but I'm only gonna be able to pump for the twins' for so long so I don't mind :) I do have to say that S & B got all of us the sweetest gift the other day -- Southwest Airlines gift card -- so we can all visit!!  Honestly, just being able to be a "part" of Ellie & Owen's lives is present enough.  Not many surros & their families get the chance to still be there.  Ray and I are thinking maybe around Easter and for SURE next August for their 1st bdays :)  Hopefully, Ray won't have any issues being able to take leave.  Oh before I forget, my "part" of the twinkies' presents is finished!!!  I showed J one of their very close friends and she LOVED them :)  Of course once they get the presents, I'll post the pics here.  Ahhh life's pretty great being an auntie!

On to "me" of Tuesday I'm down to 141, so only 16lbs to go till I'm back to 125!! It's just the stomach, the thighs and the neck LOL!  I don't know ever since I was little I always gain weight in the face & neck.  (I have a running joke that I'm always wearing a scarf because that day my neck feels fat HAHA)  I also found my new gym!!!  I'm not sure I'm going to sign up this week or next week.  I was, like I posted before, hoping to start really walking this past week.  I'm sure you all saw the news about the CRAZY rain we had, so yea that was a no-go!  It was ridiculous that we got MORE rain from that system, than hurricane irene!!  JP started preschool on tuesday :)  I was so happy that Ray was able to come with to drop him off. 

JP picked out his captain america shirt himself!  He's sooo his father's son LOL!!  Well JP did great at school but going home was another story!!  As soon as we walked past the bus, he just went crazy.  He didn't wanna go home, he wanted to stay, wanted to ride the bus, didn't wanna take off his backpack.  He just went into crazy tantrum mode.  He was just kicking & screaming in his car seat like a crazy man.  Of course 2 days later when Ray came with to pick him up, he was happy go lucky -- go figure LOL!!  Here's my updated stomach pic ( I know some ladies from SMO were asking for a new one lol)....

Well it's time to pump.....

Until Next time,


Monday, August 29, 2011

A little over 3 weeks PP

Well, my mom left this morning.  Now, it's back to a "semi-normal" routine...won't be fully until Ray's schedule is back to "normal" hopefully next week.  Mom's trip was A LOT more exciting than the EARTHQUAKE (which of course I was pumping during -- hilarious) & the hurricane.  Nothing really exciting w/the hurricane -- just rain (which got rid of the dry spot in the grass) & mild wind. We were just glad that we didn't lose power.  The earthquake was really shook the house.  I really thought the mirror was going to fall off the wall in the bathroom when I was of my figure skates fell off the shelf down in the den.    We did manage to squeeze in going down to DC last thursday (of course it rained but we made it to the White House) & friday (SO HOT OUT!). Ray & JP had a great time showing me and Mormor (norwegian slang for grandma) around. Ray and I did get to go on a hot date last night to Ra for sushi! We had to use Mormor while she was here for some quality mommy/daddy time ;-) Oh, my mom is now OFFICIALLY ADDICTED to crab cakes! She couldn't get enough after we went to the crab shanty.  Of course we watched the Little League World Series throughout the week!!  We're all so happy that West (Ca) won!!  One day JP will be there playing...we just can't wait to go and watch live -- maybe next summer.  Today, though I just cleaned up, uploaded pics & am trying to catch up on surro boards -- ovay & it's already 1pm!!  Here are some pics...

Onto twinkie news...Owen is already over 5lbs and Ellie is over 6lbs!!!!!!!!  All the breast milk I've sent has definitely done it's job :) I'm now @ 30oz/day.  It's been steady for a couple days, so I think it'll stay there. I've modified my schedule a little bit...6am-8pm every 2 hrs.  I'm going to send out the 3rd shipment tonight -- freezer is super full!  S emailed pics of them last week -- soooo cute!!  It's just going to be such a joy for me and Ray to watch them grow up :)  I think my bleeding is pretty much done and stomach is still shrinking.  I'm not really worried about the weight because it's going to come off -- it's just going to be how fast my skin is going to tighten back up.  Only 3 more weeks until I can work out again :)  I'm going to start walking hardcore probably next week to get my cardio going.   Here's the stomach pic....

*those are the other 2 stretch marks ellie gave me ;-) so a grand total of 3 haha

Until the next time,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 days post partum!

I am happy to say that as of yesterday my swelling is all gone!!  That was my only "real" complaint after delivery.  I've been off my pain meds (motrin/oxicodone) since last week...I really feel great.  Pumping has been going great!!  The factory is definitely in high production.  I'm still on a every 2hr schedule during the day until 9pm & sleep until 5am.  I think today I'm going to start stretching out one session to 3hrs and go from there.  I text S a pic of the stock in the freezer yesterday ;-)  I am hoping to send out the first shipment the end of this week.  Thanks to the swelling gone and pumping I'm done about 20lbs to 147...only 22lbs more to go to get back to 125 :)  I have been wearing my postpartum support wrap (I'm wearing it in the pic) -- AMAZING.  The twinks had their first ped's appt on friday -- doing great!  It's just amazing that after everything we all went through, they got to go home only a couple days after delivery and stayed in the regular nursery.  I feel very complete and happy.  Well here's what my stomach looks like 10 days after having twins...

Until the next update LOL


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The pictures!!

i couldn't figure out how to seperate the album from all my siggy pics LOL so don't mind them
;-)  (everything should be on that very 1st page)

if you need sign in - wbwatts & password is hawaii28

Until Tomorrow,


Monday, August 8, 2011

The Birth of the Twinkies

After 88 days of bed rest (8/5) my body said it was ready!

Last weekend my braxton hicks contractions really started.  Everyday I would just notice more and more leading up to Friday.  Friday morning before my appt while on the phone w/my mom, I noticed that they weren't going away.  I even loaded the contraction timer on my computer to see what the spacing was : 5-7 min.  I was like hmmm we'll see.  Ray did garbage bag/towel my seat just in case my water broke on the way down.  He also brought a book w/him just in case. 
My first appt was the doppler. Baby A (Owen) looked great.  Dr. E was actually the MFM on u/s rounds.  I told him how I was feeling and that Dr. Graham was going to check me at my appt.  He said if I could hold out he was going to be on L&D on Sunday! I had time between appts so Ray & I grabbed lunch.  By this time, I had to stand up and walk a bit.  Swaying was really helping alleviate my back pain.  We saw Dr. Duke (my original resident who admitted me back @ 24w -- love her!) in the cafeteria.  She was so happy to see me still pregnant and couldn't believe that I was 35 weeks plus. It was really hard to get comfy at the table, so we ate quick. We were able to get up to my NST early which was good because I really wanted to see what my strip would say.  Sure enough there were the contractions!  They were irregular at 6-10 min apart but there!  I don't think they would have bothered me so much if they didn't start in my back.  We realized why I was back pain at the doppler,  little man was sunny side up!  The babies though looked great on the strip.  I was getting more excited to see what my cervix was doing.  They tentatively scheduled out my appts, but I just had a feeling that I wasn't going to make them LOL!  As soon as the NST was done, we went right into the MFM office.  I did my pee sample and sure enough more mucous plug was coming out (it's been coming out since about 29 weeks).  I told the nurse, Cindy, right away about the contractions and the strip.  She said Dr. Graham would be right in to check me.  Meanwhile, I was pacing/swaying in the room waiting.  I asked Ray what he thought...still didn't know if it was really "time."  Well Dr. Graham comes in but realizes they're out of sterile gel.  Ray told him there was some gel on the counter.  Dr. Graham was like "yea that's ultrasound gel...I don't think that would work." I was laughing so hard!  I told Dr. Graham don't listen to my hubby he's not in the medicinal field, he only knows computers LMAO!!  (That's our new joke now -- just put some ultrasound gel on it)  Anywho, he got the gel & checked...4cm/100% effaced!!  He's like "yea we will be sending you over to L&D."  He was looking at my strip on the computer and told me I was actually having contractions 3-5 minutes apart (they were just smaller and we couldn't notice).  Well it was time for "the call."  Thank goodness S picked up right away.  I was like "soo what are you doing?" Of course she's like "what's going on?" I told her "I'm 4cm/100% effaced & I'm going to L&D!!".  The stars some how all aligned because she wasn't working that day & B was actually in town down here for business.  He was actually on his way back from PA (had meetings) to Baltimore.  I told her just to call me back when she figured out her flight.   Ray & I walked down to L&D after everyone in the office wished us good luck :)  We got set up in Room #2.  I was soo happy to see some of my fave nurses - Brandi & Lindsay from my bed rest days!!  Lindsay actually ended up taking care of me for the rest of her day shift (got in at 330pm).  Ray stayed till I got settled -- he had to go get JP.  He just told me to keep him posted because it looked like he was going to have to go in to work (of course he would have to because no other Friday does he work).  I was on the monitors and sure enough there were the contractions.  They were uncomfortable but tolerable.    Dr. Birsner (my fave chief resident) realized I was on and checked me at 5.  She said "oh yea you're 5cm w/a laboring cervix & a very tense bag of water."  She's like "oh please have these babies on my service!!"  I told her "my body would do it's best!" Then S called with great news that she was able to get an earlier flight & was going to be landing at 830pm.  B was going to pick her up & they would be there as soon as they could.  I let Ray know, so he knew I would have them there by my side.  Well it was time for my IV, so I could get my pencillin (for group b strep), fluids & bloodwork.  Everyone thinks my veins are amazing, but sure enough Lindsay & her trainee Rn blew 2 of them.  I know she felt bad, but luckily, one of the techs got the 3rd try in.  After that, I started walking the halls helping things along. All the nurses on both sides couldn't believe it was finally time.  I was just chatting w/everyone :)  I did manage to get a pic w/Lindsay & Brandi before they left.  Then it was shift change & time for my epidural.  I had Lauren for my new nurse.  She also "knew" me, but I never actually had her on the ante partum floor.  The epidural went great and made me feel great!  I love them ;-)  Once I got resettled, I called my mom, & the boys.  I told Ray I would keep him posted and to let me know if he would have to go in.  S&B arrived about 930pm :)  They set up "camp" in my room. By 10, Dr. Birsner came back in to check me -- 7cm!!  I was just chugging along.  We were all just so excited.  I think we all figured the babies would be arriving after midnight.  Dr. Birsner still assumed my water was going to break on it's own because of how tense it was.  She said it was getting kind of crazy, and she'd be back in to check around 1 after the c-section if I hadn't felt any different.  We all just hit the exhaustion wall and tried to sleep.  Poor S&B had to share the pullout sleep chair.  Lauren came in at 1 w/no Dr. Birsner -- c section was running longer than expected.  Ovay!  She finally came in at 230am.  She checked.  I was stalled at 7!!  We asked about having them break my water right then or starting some pitocin.  They still wanted to wait, so back to sleep we all went.  At 530 Dr. B checked again still 7!  We were just like come on please break my water.  She still said that the"higher ups" wanted to wait.  I know she would have if it was just her choice.  At this point, we were all pretty much awake.  S&B got breakfast downstairs.  By the time they got back up (630am), Dr. Birsner came in w/Dr. Nigrini (fellow).  Dr. Birsner checked one last time still no change, so they FINALLY broke my water!!! I was debating on whether or not to text Ray, but I figured him and JP were still sleeping especially if he had to work.  Now it was really game on.  My epidural worked marvelous.  I only felt a slight difference after my water broke -- just like he was farther down the birth canal.  When Lauren went out for shift change, I heard one of my other favorite nurses Heather!  She was so happy to be on and to have me!!  She came in at 730 followed by Ray and JP!  I couldn't believe it!!! I was soo happy to see them :)  I was soo surprised.  Turns out Ray did go to work and pretty much went home showered, got JP and came to see us since I hadn't text any more news.  Well Dr. Birsner wanted to check me one last time before she left for the day -- thank god she did!  At 745am I was 9.5cm!!!!  I knew that when my water was broke that was all it was gonna take (still can't believe I didn't even need any pitocin at all!!).  S quickly got the scrub gown on.  Heather got everything in my room ready, so I could be rolled into the OR.  Ray & JP stayed with Bob in the room outside the OR -- it worked perfect.  It was weird being in the OR knowing that I wasn't going to have a c-section.  It was just a crazy organized chaos in there and freezing cold!  Once S got in the room, Dr. Birsner checked me again.  I was fully +2 station!!  Her and Dr. Nigrini were like "let's see how you push."  I gave it the ol' college try -- just like riding a bike LMAO ;-)  I wasn't really feeling contractions just the constant pressure.  I think Heather counted for me one time, but I was just in the zone.  I didn't scream and just focused on Dr. Birsner's face.  Sure enough, after only about 7 minutes Owen entered the world (820am)!!  I looked at S's face -- that was what all the bedrest was for.  It was amazing!  She was able to cut his cord and everything.  Meanwhile,  Dr. Birsner had to do some coaxing of Ellie because she started to "float" in all the open space.  She was still head down though, so I gave a few "pushes" along w/her hand -- down she came.  I started pushing and S was still in awe of Owen.  I was like "Hey S Hey S I'm pushing!!" -- so funny everyone was laughing ;-)  Dr. Birsner broke Ellie's came out like a tidal wave.  Another short 7 minutes go by,  she comes flying into the world!!  It went exactly as I had planned/hoped.  Besides marrying Ray, having JP, this was the most amazing thing I could have ever done.  Of course it was hard being away from my family and my baby,  I always had my eye on the prize though.  It was just unreal to see that prize come to life well 2 lives to be exact.  I am beyond honored & blessed to have been S&B's surrogate.  I can't thank everyone enough for all the support I have gotten these past 88 days.  People ask why did I go through all of this, because there is nothing more amazing than bringing 2 human beings into this world & helping create a family. 

Until Tomorrow,



I still can't believe how everything worked out perfectly-- the stars really aligned!! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The short of it!

1 day past giving birth!!!

I delivered the twinkies yesterday (8/6 - 35 weeks 4 days) morning.  I had the most AMAZING vaginal delivery w/S in the room w/me!! Ray and JP were w/B in the room by the OR :)  Owen arrived at 820am after only 7 minutes of pushing.  His sister Ellie arrived at 835am after only again about 7 minutes of pushing!!  Dr. B had to just get her down a lil farther because after Owen was born she was "swimming" in all of the open space, so that's why there was a gap! 

Owen - 4lbs 9oz
Ellie - 5lbs 2oz 

They are up in the regular nursery and expected to stay about a week.  S & B are just over the moon which is just amazing to see.  I swear it couldn't have gone any better. The babies are gorgeous.  Don't worry I will post pics ;-)  I feel so blessed and honored to be their surrogate. Ahhh -- I just feel great!

Until Tomorrow,

Just Whitney ;-)

I'll give the BIG story tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

He's good

Day 87 of bed rest

Ray is just amazing!  By the time I got up at 1030am, he and micah were heading out to Chick-fil-a for an early lunch & asking what I wanted.  I couldn't believe he had already ran to the bank, got the groceries, did laundry and ran to Joann's (I wish I knew before hand because I need more thread LOL).  Ahhh I love him :) 

Funny side note -- I've been randomly asking friends/family when they think I'll "go."  My mom totally thought today was going to be the day.  I called her this morning (we talk everyday) and was like yea I'm still pregnant LOL!  Needless to say "mother's intution" is NOT always right!  Ray has no idea but his prized Xterra will have a garbage bag on the front seat tomorrow in case my water breaks on the way to the appts.    From here on out, I will be bringing my hospital bag w/to each appt because you never know!  I have the doppler @ 11, NST @ 2 & MFM @ 245.  It's just a very exciting time!!   I just can't wait to give S&B the call hehe :)  I'm just "living" appt to appt because I really just think they're gonna check my cervix and say yea it's time to head to L&D.  So is it tomorrow yet?!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Day 86 of bed rest

I think I SUPER jinxed myself when I wrote yesterday that I was really starting to feel uncomfortable.  A couple weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my uterus.  Of course, it was right where little girls feet are, but it was getting better.  Well last night while I was sleeping laying on my right side, I just reached my left arm over to grab my water bottle for a sip -- HORRIBLE idea.  I definitely repulled that same spot -- uhh not fun!  Other than that, today was quiet LOL  At least it's Wed so I have SYTYCD ;-)  Well I need to get the grocery list together because my brother comes on monday!!  Hopefully the boys can run out tomorrow. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

35 weeks!

Day 85 of bed rest

It's August 2nd, and I'm STILL pregnant!  I got my bag packed yesterday.  It's crazy to think that at max only 3 weeks left -- they don't let twin pregnancies go past 38 weeks.  I did have Ray google the next full moon...2 weeks.  That will be the week of JP's birthday LOL  Today, I will say is the first day I'm actually feeling "uncomfortable".  It's just all the squeezing on my rib cage & squishing of my organs because of all that baby in there.  Not bad since it's just starting now.

Just hafta say I'm so happy that Ashley chose JP!!!!  They were soo cute on the after show.  I will definitely be going to bed early tonight after staying up so late last night.

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Monday, August 1, 2011


12 weeks of bed rest

I can NOT believe that Bentley is such a COWARD and didn't show his face at the tell all last night!!  He's seriously the biggest POS -- ewww!!  I think the thing that makes me the most upset is that he has a daughter.  I really hope that his ex wife used the show footage to take full custody of that little girl!!  I am definitely ready for the season finale tonight and final rose special.  So that's my rant for the day!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Day 83 of bed rest

"Bang Bang Daddy -- you're dead" "Bang Bang JP" " Ohhh I dead"...nothing like the boys making guns out of blocks.  They were just cracking me up running around crazy and shooting each other. Then, the blocks turned into airplanes, spaceships, suitcases & a birthday cake.   JP is definitely getting really good with his imagination.  I hafta say some of the guns he came up w/were really creative HAHA! I was just working on little girl's present of course all day.   My fingers are sore today because there was some really tight needlework -- blah but that part is finished WOOHOO!  I was planning on packing my bag for the hospital this morning, but Ray hadn't got my dirty laundry washed yet.  That will be done tomorrow morning!  I just want it ready to go, so I don't have to fart around at the last minute whenever the time is.  I got a reminder that it needs to be done now rather than later when I saw in my SMO cycling group that fellow surro Kristina delivered the twins this morning (we have the same due date & both on bed rest well now just me LOL).  Congrats to you and your IPs-- you did an amazing job!!  Once again the boys should be up from their naps any minute...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Such a big boy

Day 82 of bed rest

After breakfast, the boys headed out to the mall so daddy could get his haircut.  I was just busy working on little girl's present when he called.  I had mentioned awhile ago that it would be so cute if JP had a backpack for school (don't know if he really needs one for Pre-K).  Well, I guess the AE kids store just opened, and JP found his backpack.  Ray said he wouldn't take it off LOL They were also giving away scratch offs, so he got 15% off entire purchase -- not bad! It's black w/this giant skull on it -- very pirate flag.  It's soo JP and daddy for that matter HAHA...I'm currently waiting for them to both wake up from their naps.  I guess all the backpack excitement really wore them out.  Well they should be waking up any second...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a sweep!

Day 80 of bed rest

Happy to say that the Brew Crew swept the Cubs!!  It was a great way to spend the afternoon watching the game and working on little girl's present -- made great progress.  Also happy to say, Ray finally picked up my red velvet ice cream!! OMG -- AMAZING!!! If you haven't tried it...DO IT!  I will say this week my appetite has really stepped up!  I am all about sweet & salty.  Usually, I'm one or the other.  Well just a nice quiet day!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bunch of calls

Day 79 of bed rest

Today was pretty much just spent on the phone.  Between talking w/my family, comcast & JP's daycare it was already 3pm!  Well, I did wake up later ;-)  I also researched on SMO about shipping breast milk.  Another thing checked off the "list."  Today, I didn't get much done on little girl's project, so I'm really going to have to focus tomorrow to make up for the lost time today.  On another positive note, BREWERS WON!!  I can't wait to watch the game tomorrow afternoon :)  Well the boys are home...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

34 weeks!!

Day 78 of bed rest

78 days ago when I was first put on bed rest, our first "goal" was 24 weeks.  I knew that wasn't the "goal"...I knew deep down in my heart I could carry these babies to 34 weeks.  I know S & B would have never believed me if I had told them all those weeks ago because they were just focused on each day.  A lot of people have told me what an amazing thing I'm doing, but I have to step in & say that I would not still be pregnant with out the unbelievable support/love from Ray & JP.  There really is a reason that husbands/boyfriends/significant others sign that contract.  They have really held down the fort, so that I could remain calm, cool & collected without the stress.  Not to mention, all the time we spent apart.  I love them so much and am so thankful! They deserve all the thank yous as well.  Now, I feel like I'm probably going to go into labor around JP's birthday or on his birthday LOL

My mfm appt went great this morning.  I was in and out.  Dr. Henderson did a quick scan w/the ultrasound -- BOTH still head down and did my retest for Group B strep.  When I got back home, I quick ate lunch and crawled back in bed.  I got a really nice 3 hour nap in before starting up on little girl's present.  Well the Brewers Cubs game is about to start...GO BREWERS!!!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Monday, July 25, 2011


11 weeks of bed rest

I slept in nice and late this morning.  I did make sure to remember though to give the doctor's office a call to see if they had any cancellations this week.  I didn't "officially" have an appt for friday and didn't want us to be stuck waiting around all day for a quick 10 minute appt.  Luckily, they had a cancellation for tomorrow -- 930. 

It was a very quiet day.  It was really nice though that it rained most of the afternoon.  It just makes me feel more cozy/relaxed.  I just spent the day working on lil girl's present. Ray called a little bit ago...he's like guess what I saw drive past JP's daycare.  I was like "I don't know"....he saw the HGTV truck!!!  OMG!!  I wonder what they're doing in howard county?!?!!?  I wonder what show it is!?!?  Well the boys, should be walking in the door any second...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just made it!

Day 76 of bed rest

I'm happy to announce that I "finished" little man's present today!  Talk about cutting my schedule close LOL -- I did make a good start on little girl's, so that definitely helps with the impending time crunch. 

We told JP that Uncle D is excited!  A lot of the excitement is JP knowing he gets to go pick him up at the airport.  I know he's ready for the next 2 weeks to fly by, so he can just go crazy w/his uncle. He's also ready for his birthday.  For the past couple days, JP's been talking about his party, cake, and presents.  He also wants to be 5 not 3.  We're just going to do a small family "party" w/cake & balloons because any time around his bday will be prime twinkie time (36+ weeks).  We've been bouncing ideas about what all we want to get him, but still aren't sure. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot hot hot!

Day 75 of bed rest

Today was just too darn hot!  103 was just the temp w/out humidity.  I know JP wanted to go outside and play w/daddy but it was just too hot.  They ran some errands this morning -- fyi all Borders are going out of business.  Ray just found out because he needed to pick up some books.  I was happy about the extra savings :)  I was just worked like a mad woman on the present all day.  S called before she went into work.  They're going to wait for "the call" and both fly down.  Then after the babies are born, B will fly back up to get the car w/everything & drive back down.  I'm glad they have their plan of attack ready!  The final countdown is really on!! 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Friday, July 22, 2011

My 1/2 of the plan

Day 74 of bed rest

Well, today was pretty much spent on the phone w/my family back in WI.  Lauren text me last night saying she forgot that back in March she promised a family friend she would dog/house sit 7th-16th. At that time I'll be 36 weeks into 37 weeks, which could potentially be me going into labor.  My main concern is that someone will be here to watch JP if something happens at night because I'm going to need Ray's support.  After a bunch of calls between my mom, dad, and brother to figure out how they'd work my mom's jury duty & watching their dog, my brother will be coming out the 8th-14th.  Then, Marie (Lauren's mom) will have her phone ready on her night stand to cover the rest.  So that's my 1/2 of the August plan of attack.  My mom is still thinking about coming out after her jury duty (was talking about it earlier this week) for JP's "birthday." She would obviously miss it w/her jury duty because his is the 18th.  She just wants to see her little man :)   We'll probably figure that out tomorrow when everyone is home at their house LOL  The other 1/2 of the plan is S&B's...if they're going to come down at 36/37 weeks & wait or if they'll just wait for "the call."  S was working today, so we'll talk about it tomorrow. 

On an awesome side note...Ray picked up cheesecake factory for dinner!!!  It was my idea ;-) It was just too hot today for him to turn on the stove.  Oh, my cobb salad was amazing & my red velvet cheesecake was heavenly!!!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Day 73 of bed rest

I am ALMOST done with little man's present.  My knuckles are all cracked out LOL As I type, I'm still trying to crack my knuckles.  

JP was too funny tonight!!  He asked me to read him a story, so I started.  Then, he grabs the book and starts "reading."  He then ends in "was his name-o".  I was like ahhh they must have sang BINGO at daycare today.  I literally sang/clapped w/him for 10 minutes straight. I just wish Ray woulda got a quick video -- too busy laughing. He is still singing "was his name-o" as they walk upstairs for a shower LOL 

Omgosh, SYTYCD last night -- MELANIE is the best!  She has been my favorite since auditions.  Her and Pasha were just floating on that stage :)  Ahh time for the results show!!!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All Good

Day 72 of bed rest

Today's appointments went great. Lauren really got a kick out of my NST. She couldn't believe how my stomach was moving all over. I was able to grab her hand quick enough so she could feel little girl's foot. The machine was "older" but "fancier" than what I was having before. It had this extra feature which basically acted like a seisometer for every movement they made. Of course, it was going like crazy because that's just how these babies are. Everyone in the MFM office was happy to see me. It felt great just being in the office. I'm up 1lb so 161 -- watch out Ray 3lbs till I catch you ;-) I saw Dr. S. She just asked how I was doing & did a quick ultrasound. They're still BOTH head down (believe me I can feel it LOL). I'm still carrying high aka all feet in ribs. That was pretty much it. We went over to Osler (was weird giving the security guard my ID to get the pass). My fave nurse was on today, so we just chat chitted for a bit. Then, it was on to see Kelly.  It was great catching up -- we still text a lot :)  I'm just waiting for her text saying she's in labor.  I told her next Friday Ray and I will stop by after my appts.  I have the big 34 week growth scan, nst & MFM appt on the 29th.  Well it's that time...SYTYCD!!!!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

33 weeks

Day 71 of bed rest

Today was just a quiet day.  I just worked on little man's present and watched tv.  I have my appointments tomorrow morning :)  My NST is at 8am and MFM at 830am.  It'll be a quick morning.  I'm just not looking forward to getting up that early LOL I've really been loving the sleeping in :)  Well nothing else to report... Ray should be home w/JP any minute!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Monday, July 18, 2011


10 weeks of bedrest total as of today!

I felt so good after REALLY sleeping in today -- thanks to Ray :)  I went to bed about 10pm last night, hubs came home/hopped in bed about 730am, and I slept till 11am!!  I guess all the nights of being woken up every 4 hours, etc finally caught up with me. I guess I was "crazy" sprawled w/snoogle across the bed, so he had to tell me to move over before he could even get in LOL! 

I just spent the day watching the "Property Brothers" marathon on HGTV while working on "little man's" present.  Pending on what time I wake up tomorrow, I might be able to finish it otherwise Wednesday his should be done.  I just need to make sure I get the "little miss' " present started by the end of the week. 

When Ray picked up JP at school today, the teachers told him about the hero party on Friday.  I guess to "kick off" the party, the teachers went around asking each child who there hero was.  One kid said his pet fish, a girl said her mommy because she bakes cookies, and JP said... "my daddy because he really works!"  Ray just laughed when they told him ;-)  Ah I love my boys! 

Well it's almost time for "The Bacholerette!!"

finally the uploader stretch mark LOL

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rock w/Mickey

Day 69 of bed rest

JP was all about mommy reading his "Rock with Mickey" book today.  I lost count but loved every minute.  Ray finished one of the townhouses on his lego street. The boys were just hanging out w/mommy in the living room.  Today JP's nap went MUCH better, and he actually got good sleep.  Our neighbors behind us are cutting up some trees.  I'm hoping they're done soon because I'm ready for bed :)

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney Watts

Saturday, July 16, 2011

There was $**t everywhere

Day 68 of bed rest

JP was so cute this morning.  After he woke up & went potty w/daddy, he climbed in our bed and slept for another 2 hours. It's not going to be too much longer before he's too big to snuggle w/mommy and daddy. 

The boys went to get haircuts today.  I was happy JP just got another trim because his 3yr old pictures will be coming up soon.  All JP cared about was his strawberry/nana smovie (smoothie).  He was so excited to show me it when they got home.  They also brought wetzel pretzels home for lunch :)  That was a very pleasant surprise.  While they were gone, I was just catching up on shows while working the twinks' presents.  Then, it was time for JP's nap.  Ray LOVES legos and got a new set a while ago.  Obviously, he hasn't had any time since I've been in the hospital.  Well, he brought it up and started sorting out all the massive pieces on the living room floor.  We were both being "crafty" this afternoon.  It was nice just spending that time together while I'm on the couch.  Well since JP didn't go down until 2pm, Ray got the grill ready before he went go check on him.  That's when all hell broke loose.  JP didn't say he needed to go potty...he got poop ALL OVER!  Ray said he got it on the carpet, walls, that he tried changing himself & got poop in 4 different pairs of undies.  Yea, JP was in BIG trouble.  Daddy was NOT a happy camper about the mess he had to clean up.  Now JP's undie privileges have been taken away until he goes poop in the potty again.  JP I think was more upset about that because he loves wearing his big boy undies.  Needless to say, JP was in time out for a very long time. 

*pic uploader still doesn't work*

until tomorrow,

whitney & the twinkies

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pizza & a Movie - great friday night!!

Day 67 of bed rest (recalculated now from the beginning)

Yesterday, I was going to start watching "game of thrones."  For some reason though my media player was acting up, so I only got 10 minutes in to the 1st episode.  Then, I remembered that I wanted to watch "The Voice."  Well, I finished the entire season this afternoon -- WOW!  That's such a great show :)  I really like Dia just because of how she thinks about reinventing songs.  It's great though that Javier won because he needs it for his family. 

Ray went grocery shopping today -- WOOHOO!!  I had a peanut butter/banana sandwich for lunch.  It was heavenly.  It's so great having all this fresh food.  I ate a whole pineapple today  ;-)  It was just fun when he called from Safeway and was asking what I wanted!  For dinner, he popped in a frozen pizza and Kung Fu panda in the dvd player.  It was wonderful just enjoying our old friday night family traditions of movie night!

Uh once again my uploader isn't working, so the stretch mark pic will have to wait now until tomorrow LOL

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last night HAHA

Day 3 of home bed rest

#1 Omgosh Jesse needs to be a permanent judge on SYTYCD!!  He's freaking hilarious : braille on my arm, straight man crush on Sonya, etc.  I can't wait to watch the result show tonight :)  Of course my faves melanie/marko were amazing AGAIN!!  I'm so sad they're gonna be broken up next week.  Melanie has been my favorite since the auditions, so I'm excited to see which all star she'll be matched w/next week.  They got my vote like always! 

#2 I was thinking to myself in the shower last night that man I'm really thankful for the skin genes passed down from my grandmother & mother.  I was about to put my belly balm on, and I was this little red mark.  I was like jeez did I scratch myself?  Then it hit me, the little miss gave me a "welcome home" present.  Literally it must have been the night I got home while I was sleeping.  She gave me a stretch mark!  I really think she just kicked/punched out my stomach in that spot because it's so random LOL  Pic tomorrow...

#3 Ray's schedule was crazy yesterday.  He was able to come home early last night.  It was great when he got snuggled in bed.  He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me goodnight.  Well sometime between my dreams, I could hear him talking in his sleep about having to go back in.  I really could have sworn he was texting on his phone.  Then, I heard him snoring.  He then turned away from me and farted.  I was like yup I'm home LOL  I told him about it this morning, and he denied everything of course except for passing gas. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies


32 week belly shots :) 

B and I about to head out the doors!

 Almost home!

My first real meal -- thanks to our amazing neighbors!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Ok time to recalculate bed rest...

Yesterday was Day 55 of hospital bed rest

Now Day 2 of home bed rest :)

I know I know I was going to update yesterday.  I guess my laptop freaked out when I had hi-speed internet again because it wouldn't even connect : Go figure!  So here are the pics first :) Well scratch that...we can't figure out why my upload speed stinks right now.  Whenever it's fixed I'll just do a post for the pics.

So yesterday...
I was pretty much up after the early morning little rounding resident came in.  Dr. Graham (attending on for the week) & Dr. Birshner (4 yr resident) came in about 8am for the regular rounds.  Immediately, I was like when is Dr. E coming?!?  They already knew the plan & Dr. B said she would give him a ring.  In the mean time, I was waiting for B to text to say he was there :)  Well Dr. B let me know about 930am that Dr. E was doing some off site high risk consulting at Bayview and that he would be back at Hopkins main campus to check me after lunch.  I was soo happy I finally had a "time".  About that time, B had called & said he found Northeast market.  He picked us up some breakfast! He got up to my room about 11ish.  I told him I hope your eyes are ready (he hasn't seen the belly in person since 24w).  He couldn't believe how big I am especially that I'm all front LOL  He got me scrambled eggs w/cheese, a waffle, & bacon -- Delish!!! So we just caught up & waited for Dr. E.  At 1pm, one of the girls from the nurses station had got my wheelchair to take me down to group.  I was like uhhh has anyone heard if Dr. E is on his way or close? She said No...wait here he is!!  B scooted out of the room after a quick introduction, so we could get the "show" on the road.  Andi (one of the nurses I love) was the chaperone since he's a male doctor.  He checked and said yea you're the same!  I just started screaming/crying all at once.  I gave Andi a hug.  Dr. E was like this is why you have a chaperone w/you because who would have known what was going on if they had walked by HAHA.  My friend, Kelly, said she heard me through the wall and was like yea Whitney's going home.  Dr. E went out to talk to B, so I quick got dressed & started spreading the amazing news that my cervix made no change!!  When he came back in, we talked about future appts (weekly w/NSTs), told me good job, & bed rest will be the same as it was before at home.  He's such a great doctor!  B came back in after a bit.  I was like have you heard back from S yet???  But we both knew she was probably SUPER busy & didn't have her phone on her LOL  I told him it was a good thing he changed his flight to 630pm!  We just breathed a sigh of relief :)  When my nurse Val came in, I asked how long would it take to do the discharge. She said they had a couple post partum women w/babies to do but it shouldn't take that long.   On that note, B started getting all my stuff together to take down to the car.  It was so funny. I had all my toiletries in biohazard ziploc bags HAHA  One of my fave janitors actually hooked him up with a cart, so he only had to make one trip.  Dr. B called on the in house phone and told me congratulations :) She said she was very happy to be typing in my discharge order from Dr. E & said another resident would be by shortly to go over my at home bed rest.  That was at about 230pm.  Well the other doctor came in at 3pm and went over everything.  B and I were like great this is it, but we still had to wait for the paperwork.  Val FINALLY came in at 4pm w/my paperwork.  It states everything that I'm to do like obviously pelvic rest, no more than 60 min of walking max per day (which I don't even know how I would be physically able to walk that much), modified bed rest, and what meds I'm to take (vag progesterone till 36 weeks).  After I signed, I had her cut my bracelet -- I was really going home!

It was great being in B's rental car.  His GPS gave us this weird roundabout way home vs the standard 295.  That was interesting LOL, but it was just great seeing outside.   When we almost got to my house, I opened up the window and stuck out my hand to enjoy the fresh breeze (even though it was blazing hot out).  I will admit I started getting teary eyed when we made the final turn on to my street.  It was surreal walking back in.  Ray was sleeping all day, so he didn't know I was home.  I plopped myself on the couch and B brought in all my stuff.  He was able to quick run to the grocery store to pick me up a few things before he had to head to the airport.  Ray walked down the stairs at 5pm.  I just waved at him :) , and he gave me a big kiss!  That's when B walked in the door w/the groceries.  They said a quick Hi as they both had to head out the door (Ray had to get JP & B headed to the airport). It was so amazing watching our nice big screen tvHGTV all day today).  When the boys came home, JP couldn't see me on the couch.  I just said "Hi JP!".  He said "MOMMY!!" & gave me the best hug ever.  Then, he quick took off his sandals and just laid w/me.  He just kept saying "mommy, mommy, mommy" over and over.  Our amazing neighbors brought over dinner & dessert : steak, grilled corn on the cob, grilled potatoes & lemon bars.  I literally cleaned my plate in 5 seconds.  It was such a wonderful way to be welcomed back home.  After we ate, the boys came and laid w/me as we all watched Iron Chef :)  

They went upstairs to take a shower, as I was getting ready to watch Rickie Weeks & Prince Fielder kick butt in the All Star Game.  I heard JP getting all upset as he was putting on his "sleep" clothes (he still refuses to wear jammies).  He now doesn't want to wear pull ups at night and just wants undies.  Ovay!  Ray brought him down so I could kiss him goodnight :)  Then, he had to head to work.  

Today :  My bed has never felt so comfy!  I had Lauren whip me up a instant breakfast shake for breakfast, fill my water bottle, cut up the fresh pineapple B picked up yesterday (just ate some for lunch!!)  & put it in the fridge.  JP was so happy to see me this morning once again on the couch.  He gave me tons of hugs.  Ray came home quickly changed and both boys gave me a kiss as they headed back out the door. When they left, I texted w/ S & Kelly for a bit :)  Then, I scheduled my appt w/Dr. E & NST for next wednesday.  That was really weird but felt good ;-)  Micah came home and was like "Hey stranger!!" It was great timing because he helped fix my internet & got my lunch (fresh pineapple ahhhh soo good).  Well, I'm looking forward to catching up on all my shows I've missed now LOL  

Thanks to everyone for all the great support when I was in the hospital :)

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Monday, July 11, 2011

24 hours...

Day 54 of hospital bed rest

Tomorrow I will be 32 weeks pregnant! I can't wait to see Dr. E tomorrow :)  Despite me working on the surprise all day, it still was a long day.  I'm just glad it's almost time for the "Bachelorette" & bed time.  Well the boys are about to call....

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Sunday, July 10, 2011

48 hours until our next goal!

Day 53 of hospital bed rest

That's a pretty great title -- 48 hours/2 days until we are at 32 weeks!  If you haven't "noticed" the baby ticker on the page is UNDER 60 days which is till my actual due date of 9/6.  Never EVER underestimate the power of a positive attitude! 

The boys surprised me this morning a little before 10am.  I have a bad habit of calling them early while they're still sleeping.  I fought the urge this morning because I was occupied working on the "surprise."  The weather was beautiful this morning outside.  JP is really getting good at pushing mommy.  Whenever anyone sees him doing it, they all just let out a collective "aww."  Kelly and her mom actually joined us outside as well.  JP then of course had to put on an extra "special" show for them -- such a show off!  We all just sat and talked while JP was running around trying to make us laugh.  After a bit, we went our separate ways.  They went back to their room, and we headed down to the cafeteria for lunch.  JP was saying that he wanted pizza as soon as we hit the down button in the elevator. The twinks and I had another nacho plate from bajafresh, and ray grabbed subway.  I noticed on the tv that "Tangled" was about to start.  ( I wasn't able to watch it last night because didn't download right)  We ate quick & made it back to my room in time to watch where it had left off for me.  They left early because today is SUPER important they both take naps since Ray's back to work tonight.  I just snuggled in w/snoogle and watched.  What a great movie!  I'm glad I finally got to watch it. 

S text me this afternoon and let me know that B will be here on Tuesday!!  She has some work things she has to take care of, but I'm happy B can make it :) I told her that I hope his eyes are ready to see the belly.  He hasn't been down here since I got admitted back at 24w. 

Well here's to hoping tomorrow goes by fast HAHA...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quiet on the home front

Day 52 of hospital bed rest

The boys came bright and early at 10 this morning!  That's always my favorite.  JP brought his hammer "Pat" from Handy Manny.  I guess he just wanted to fix some things while he was here.  Ray brought my fresh laundry. He mentioned the other day that he bought some new laundry detergent-- boy do my PJs smell amazing :)  & all the rest. 

JP got mommy's wheel chair already to go and pushed me out the door.  We went outside for a bit, so I could get my extra vitamin D & "fresh" air.  We got lunch afterwards -- Ray ran over to Popeye's across the street.  The Twinkies and I loved it.  I can't even remember the last time I ate Popeye's, but I saw a commercial the other day.  It got me "thinking" LOL.  He's been amazing this whole time -- always taking care :)  We did go back outside in the downstairs terrace.  There was another family out there w/2 little girls.  JP was all about them.  It was too funny watching him watch them.  Quickly after we got out there though, I had to go pee, so up to the room we went.  JP ate the lemon ice I ordered for him while Ray and I got some snuggle time in just watching tv on the bed.  He actually fell asleep -- so cute.  He's definitely been tired being "Super" dad.  When my nurse came in at 1pm to do vitals and meds, he actually got JP all set to take a nap with us.  Alas, being at the end of the hallway its just too loud for him to fall asleep.  It would have been wonderful but they ended up leaving around 130pm.  The rest of the afternoon I just talked with my family & worked on the "surprise."  Well, I'm about to watch "Tangled" finally -- Ray even loved it & downloaded it for me...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies