Thursday, June 30, 2011


Day 43 of hospital bed rest

Since it's Thursday, I had my standard NST.  Everything was great - heartbeats were good and no contractions.  I knew that the growth scan was going to be today just didn't know what time.  Well I was actually able to go to ultrasound!  It was great getting wheeled over there -- it's always nice to get out of the room for a bit.  I also like it in there better because you have your own screen to view vs just trying to see the tech's screen.  I didn't have to wait but 5 minutes while they set up the room.  When she put the wand on my stomach I said "OMGosh is that his head...he's head down?!?!!" She said "Yes and the other twin is as well."  I about jumped out of my skin, and my jaw was on the floor!!  We got the best outcome today, I mean to have twin b head down as well is just a cherry on top.  The twinkies just looked great.  She could only get a couple pics for S&B .  The cutest one is the lil miss' feet.  At last scan (26 weeks) the boy weighed 1lb 12oz and now is 2 lbs 15oz.  The girl was 2lbs 2 oz and now is 3lbs 3oz -- wonderful weight!  Of course, I immediately text S after it was over and told her the wonderful news.  Dr. Esahinpoor (our multiples doctor we've seen since the beginning here when were just at the multiples clinic) was SO happy to hear the results.  It's just everyday they are head down and get bigger the smaller the chance he will move out of position.  That was just the best scenario we could have gotten today -- it's nice getting good news ;-)  Now to make it to our next goal!!

Funny story...

JP has been very anti-pjs for the past couple weeks and just wants to wear his clothes to bed.  Well the past 3 nights (in the dark), he has gotten up, changed out of his jammies & pull up and put on a tee, shorts & undies, then just goes back to bed.  I was like "what!??!" talk about stubbornness.  This morning Lauren figured out that he's been wearing the EXACT same "clothes" outfit every time he has changed - captain america tee, jean shorts & undies.  I was like how in the heck did he find the exact same thing in the dark every night?  No one knows how he does it.  Now today, Ray or Lauren couldn't get JP out of his captain america shirt after he woke up, so he wore it to school today.  I asked Ray what he did with that shirt tonight, and it's in the wash.  I am very interested to see what happens tomorrow morning.  Ray told JP when he tucked him in tonight that "he better not change clothes otherwise he'll be in big trouble tomorrow morning." They just crack me up. The pics below are the ones Ray took tonight after they ate dinner (Ray made up the captions LOL)

"I sleeping"

"The idea is put on paper"

"The artist is still hard at work"

"Envisioning the idea"

"Looking to the sky for inspiration"

 (yes he's still wearing that captain america shirt OVAY LOL)

 Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

IT has arrived!!!

Week 6 of hospital bed rest

Today, I was literally counting down the hours until my kringle arrived.  I swear every time someone knocked on my door, I was primed and ready for it.  It came at 2pm.  That's about when I figured it would arrive since all my "surprises" have come after lunch. I already had the box open and ready when the nurse came back w/my knife, so I could dive in.  I sent Kelly a text letting her know it had arrived.  It was just heavenly.  I mean with 2 day shipping it handled well and was just AMAZING!!!  I swear you can taste the love they bake in.  Well, Kelly and her mom are sold!  I'm 99.9% sure that her mother is ordering one when she gets home.  Of course O&H is smart and packed a catalog w/my order.  We were all just drooling over everything.  I am still debating which one I will order for next week -- decisions.  Well someone is about to bring it back in for my night time snack ;-) and then it's SYTYCD time...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 weeks!!

Day 41 of hospital bed rest -- 2 more weeks till our next goal

I am 30 weeks today.  My body is still going, most importantly my cervix! As of Sunday, I'm up to 158.9lbs.  I'm up pretty much 34lbs which is great!  It's crazy to think where we started, back at 23 weeks.  Every week has been a gift. Things are still quiet.  I will say these babies are SUPER active 24-7.  I really think a lot of it has to do with if one "touches" the other, and they can't just leave each other alone.  Thursday is the next growth scan :)

I forgot to mention that on Sunday, Kelly and I got split back into separate rooms.  We told the nurse to put in both our charts that if things get crazy again (which I'm sure they will) that we want to be doubled together again.  Let's be realistic this is downtown Baltimore and there are TONS of crazies.  Kelly ended up getting the room behind mine.  Ray was joking that we should come up with a series of wall knocks in case something happens.  We are just truly lucky that we get along so well.  Her mother came up today and was kind enough to bring me some "real" food as well.  She had picked us up Chinese -- delish!  I thanked her profusely for my sweet n sour chicken.  I think after all is said and done for both of us we'll still be friends.  It's just hard in this situation not too. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Monday, June 27, 2011


Day 40 of hospital bed rest

I am going to reiterate this is going to be a "gross" post LOL  Before I dive into the "fun", NST this morning was great! The twins had good heart beats and no contractions.  OK here goes...

It happened yesterday actually.  Well, I went #2 twice yesterday no biggie.  I did notice that I felt "sore" after.  I just chalked it up to the fact they have really cheap toilet paper.  Well that irritation didn't go away over night.  I had Brandy again today (she's a great nurse) and told her what was up.  I had no clue, so she checked.  Sure enough, I got my first hemorrhoid!!!  I was like AWESOME!  I told her I didn't even do anything.  She said it's probably just from all the baby in me.  I have given my mom a lot of crap for getting them (got them from my unmedicated delivery).  I have made a lot of jokes over the years.  Today the tides had turned.  Of course, I called her and told alright it's time for all the jokes so let them rip.  She's like why? I was like because I have a hemorrhoid.   She was literally crying laughing so hard.  Needless to say, she had a very funny Monday LOL  Since this has never happened before, I asked Brandy how long it lasts.  She said it depends but usually it just goes away w/the medication.  She did say sometimes they have to be surgically removed -- YIKES!!  I will say the "foam" they prescribed feels like it's "working" LOL.  My mom was then telling me stories of my grandma.  I guess they were called "piles" back in the day which is just gross and hilarious. Uhhh so yea that's pregnancy for ya.  Here's to hoping the foam works, and I don't need surgery -- ewww.  On that note almost time for the bacholerette!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Sunday, June 26, 2011

O&H to the rescue!

Day 39 of hospital bed rest

I spent a good majority of the day on the phone today.  I was either talking w/my boys or my parents.  My mom was thinking about sending me some more flowers since all of my flowers have now died.  I was like "wait wait send food not flowers haha".  I was really hoping to have her order me some goodies from Mars Cheese Castle (hometown fave).  Well, I was enjoying browsing their online catalog and preparing my "order."  Before I finalized w/my mom, I did a pre-cart to see what the shipping was going to be.  It was OVER $100 for overnight.  It was ridiculous!!!  We were both pretty much in shock.  One of the items I was really looking forward to was a kringle.  My mom had the idea to see if O&H (famous bakery in Racine) would have an online store.  Of course, they did :)  Needless to say,  I have a cherry cream cheese kringle on the way!!!  I think she might actually run up to the bakery later this week and pick up a rhubarb one (she loves rhubarb) for her and my dad.  I'm planning on ordering myself another one whenever the cherry one is finished ;-)

Ray sent me pics from the park -- JP was chasing a girl around the whole time.  Go figure :) 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Modern Marvels

Day 38 of hospital bed rest

It's 718pm.  I'm watching Modern Marvels and drooling over the donuts. This episode is just all about donuts!! The rest of the afternoon I was watching Cake Boss.  Oh how, unbelievable it would be to have a real red velvet cake.  I was telling Kelly I just wanted the frosting directly squirted in my mouth HAHA!  The Apple Jacks I ate this morning I will say have never tasted so amazing :)  I am very much looking forward to breakfast again. 

The boys got here early. JP was eating his snack while Ray and I just sat on the bed before we went outside.  I was really happy to hear that they both slept really good.  I know Ray really needs it.  He's back to work tomorrow night and "normal" schedule.  I was just soaking up their love today, because they aren't coming up tomorrow.  Ray's looking forward to taking him to the park, and I can't blame him.  He's such a good dad!  I'm sure I'll have pics to post. I did divulge in another plate of nachos for lunch.  Once again, it just hit the spot.  When the boys left, I went back to my needle.  I finished the white collar, part of the face, nose & shoulder cap.  Maybe this week I will finish LOL 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Friday, June 24, 2011

295 v 181

Day 37 of hospital bed rest

I got farther on the coat.  I finished part of the highlight red and a bit of the white collar.  Ray's pretty impressed w/my stitching skills ;-) I did have a couple people text me today about today's episode of "the view".  I was actually really upset w/Alexis Stewart :(  To me, she just sounded awful, and I would never be able to carry for someone like her.  I am so thankful for the loving/caring IPs I have, because it's not just about me and them. It's also about my husband and son. We are all just blessed to have found one another.  The part about the "twiblings" was lovely though.  I was very happy about that segment.  I just wish the whole Alexis part was cut out. 

The boys came over just in time to take me downstairs for dinner at 4pm.  I didn't know how hungry I was.  JP and I shared a loaded pork nacho plate from Baja Fresh - OMG did that hit the spot!!  The twinkies were extremely happy (might do a repeat tomorrow for lunch hehe). It was great just eating some meat.  I'm pretty sure I ate the whole plate in like 10 minutes -- didn't even say a word to Ray.  I was just stuffing my face.  After we finished eating, we spent a good chunk of time enjoying the breeze out on the garden.  Ray's been making JP "watches" out of blades of flowers whenever we go out there now.  JP just loves having a "watch" on like daddy.  I tell ya they really are "Thing 1" & "Thing 2".  I did have them bring me a couple things today besides clean laundry...cereal w/disposable bowls, the vitamins I like, and some fresh granny smith apples :)  In the room, we all just cuddled on the bed.  I could really tell today that Ray is tired.  He actually took a lil nap -- even started snoring.  I was just laying next to him rubbing his neck, and he just was out.  It was just really sweet :)  I love my boys! 

Kelly and I had a "date" tonight.  We got our scrabble on.  I was joking that I wish I would have asked Ray to bring our game.  Then, she's like oh don't worry I have it!  Ray and I are admittedly "scrabble sharks".  Kelly did pretty well for someone who says they stink LOL Hence the title of today's blog.  I just got lucky on the special squares ;-)  I think we will be playing A LOT more.  We also got word that they got more ante partum women. I was thinking that I might have Ray bring our Pictionary if we get some more gals involved.  Well it's almost time for vitals & meds....

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Much Better

Day 36 of hospital bed rest

Last night, I slept like a rock!  The NST this morning was good and quiet.  I got back to my needle today.  I almost finished the major color the jacket.  It's actually starting to look like something!  My boys got here about 330pm.  It was just what I needed. JP was being extra silly making me laugh.  They took me out to the garden, and the fresh air felt great.  We grabbed dinner down in the cafeteria -- ahh real food!  I actually saw Dr. Duke in the line for subway LOL  When we came back up to the room JP was telling Kelly about the helicopter we saw outside. Then, he saw the ice cream on my food tray.  He felt very special eating mommy's ice cream, so he told her about that too ;-)  They'll be back tomorrow, and I can't wait! 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It was a long night

Week 5 of hospital bed rest -- 20 days till next goal of 32 weeks

Last night wasn't the best to say the least.  I was starting to get the waves of back pain which can turn into back labor, so of course I let my nurse and doctors know.  I was so exhausted this morning, because I had been up for awhile.  Luckily, everything just tapered down to nothing.  They put me on the monitors and all is quiet on the homefront.  After lunch, I just passed out till about 4pm.  I felt soo much better. 

The boys were going to come see me tonight but got held up giving statements to the police about a car accident they witnessed from road rage -- CRAZY!  Ray said that this Mercedes next to him saw a mini van trying to get over to the left lane (had blinker on).  The Mercedes gunned it, so the mini van had to swerve back into his lane.  Then, all of sudden the mini van just jacked it all the way to the left and rammed the Mercedes into the median!!!  Once again CRAZY!!!  The boys were 2 cars back so safe and sound thank goodness.  There was a lady in a car next to the boys who called 911.  They both pulled off to help.  The guy in the mini van jumped out of his car and started yelling all these obscenities & pounding on the window saying he wanted a fight.  When the cop came JP got to check out the car which he LOVED and even got to sit in the back seat.  Ray was telling the cop what he saw, and JP chimed in that the mini van was MEAN!  When the cop heard that, he's like what's your name son because now that's official & will be put on the record.  JP was very happy the bad guy got in trouble ;-) 

Other news, Kelly (my roommate) and I are the only long term ante partum women left on the floor.  They got 2 "newbies" sometime this week, so we'll see them I'm sure at our ante partum group on Tuesday.  We do get a long really well, so it's definitely making sharing the room a lot easier.  It looks like it will be awhile before we'll back to having our own space. Maybe tomorrow, I'll have one of our nurses get a pic of us together.  We did get to "escape" 259 for a little bit and get some fresh air out on the garden.  I think we are going to try to have them take us every day.  Well it's almost time for SYTYCD so gotta run...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

29 weeks

Day 34 of hospital bed rest

Once again, the subtitle says it all.  Here's the nitty gritty... I'm now 3.5cm and still 50% effaced.  They want me here till 32 weeks (obviously unless I deliver before that).  At that time, I will be reevaluated for a possible discharge.  They gave me the first rescue dose of steroids just for precaution in case I deliver in the next 4 weeks.  I'll get the final shot tomorrow night around dinner time.  I asked them to continue to do a weekly cervical check on Tuesdays just because hey I'm here I might as well know whats going on.  Obviously, it's not the news we wanted, but my body calls the shots. I did get a decent amount of stitching done because it took FOREVER to get Dr. Duke in here. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Monday, June 20, 2011

Once again it's Monday

Day 33 of hospital bed rest

The roommate is still here.  We heard the nurses talking about how full they are.  They're triaging women in the nursery!  Uhhh, I'm over the post partum patients!  Anywho, NST was good :) Babies had good heart beats and the monitor picked up a couple braxton hicks.  Because we're this far along now, the doctors & nurses aren't concerned -- it's totally normal.  The braxton hicks just feel like my belly is getting squeezed.  Everything is still on for tomorrow and that means it will all start w/Dr. Duke's fingers again.  Instead of "hips don't lie", her song is her "fingers don't lie".  We are all just in need of some good news, but we'll take it as it comes either way. 

I spent the day starting the bear.  I made a good dent and maybe tomorrow (if things don't get too crazy) I can start on his jacket.  Nothing else really to report which is good ;-) 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just plain awful

Day 32 of hospital bed rest

This morning started off amazing.  My eyes literally bugged out of my head (picture an old cartoon) when I saw my REAL breakfast.  The only downfall was the twinkies are getting so big, and my stomach is getting smaller.  I really made a good dent.  I had an omelet, home fries, bacon, FRESH FRUIT, & croissants.  Then, Mary came in earlier than expected, so I could sense something was up.  Because of all the post partum women "invading" our floor, I now have a ROOMMATE :(  It just plain sucks.  I think the worst is having to share a bathroom -- uhhhh.  So now I have screaming babies and a roommate to deal with.  I just really hope that I will be able to leave on Tuesday, but we all know that depends on my cervix.  Is it Tuesday yet?  The bright part of the day was I got to see my boys :)  They pretty much rescued me.  It was nice getting out of my room for a bit and getting fresh air.  After they all grabbed lunch, we got back to "my" room.  She was in there, and immediately I knew Ray felt uncomfortable.  They ended up leaving early which of course sucked. Oh, a little back story on my roommate...she has PROM, i think dilated to 5cm and lives 2 1/2 hours away.  She's really nice.  We met a couple weeks ago at one of the ante-partum groups.  It's just awful and that's the way it's going to be - ovay.  Mary did get me the hook up again, so I will be getting another amazing breakfast delivered tomorrow. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My poor fingers

Day 31 of hospital bed rest

Well, last night wasn't the best.  The ante-partum floor has now become over flow for post partum because we're fairly empty vs a couple weeks ago.  I heard quite a few babies last night -- boo!  Today hasn't been bad, so I'm hoping they all left LOL  After I got Ray set up for buying tickets online for the national aquarium, I put my fingers to the needle.  It was pretty much nonstop for the entire day.  My knuckles feel like they just need to continuously crack, but I can't crack them anymore.  I am so happy to say the boat is FINISHED!!  I just have one spot of highlight thread left in the water.  Then, I plan on working on the oars and starting the bear tomorrow, finally!

The family had a blast at the aquarium.  JP told me he saw Dory & Nemo.  Then, he told me about the dolphin show and the sharks.  I was bummed they didn't come see me today :(  They got lost on the way out (I'm the navigator).  They'll be here tomorrow though, so we can celebrate Father's day. 

Forgot to mention, that I was really pining for my cheesecake this afternoon for my snack.  It was a half hour and still no cheesecake.  Mary, my nurse, walks in and says there no cheesecake to be found!!  I was like WHAT???!?!?!  Yes, I was upset because really who steals cheesecake from someone on bed rest -- ovay!  Mary was also mad, so she's like well let me think of something I can do to make you feel better.  She is getting the 5-star chef in the Warburg bldg ( for kings/queens etc) to make me breakfast tomorrow -- a REAL breakfast.  I couldn't believe it when she suggested that.  I was all over that option!  I'll definitely take a pic for sure.  On another food note, one of the ladies came from the nutrition dept to discuss how things have been going.  I told her that they really need a different menu for people here long term -- things get boring really quick.  On the breakfast note, I did say that is really the most boring and suggested they start doing specials during the week like lunch & dinner.  I could see the light go on in her head and hopefully now soon there will be breakfast specials! Well it's getting late...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Brewers Tee

Day 30 of hospital bed rest

My dad called me last night to ask what I was thinking about getting mom for her birthday (6/25).  Of course from everything that's been going on, I was like YIKES I forgot!  My mission this morning was to figure out what I was going to get her.  I always pride myself on the best presents ;-)  Then, I started thinking maybe a new brewers t-shirt.  On, they had this awesome vintage baby blue tank top which is right up her alley (she's obsessed w/baby blue).  She's small, but I called her just to ask her if she was buying a tank top what size would she buy LOL She thought a small would be good which was perfect because that was the only size it came in besides XL.  When I put in my "cart", that darn "you might also like this" popped up w/this amazing vintage cap sleeved tee.  It looked like one of her old softball shirts from the 70s.  I'm like darn it your right she would LOVE THAT LOL  I just had to breakdown and ask her what she would like the tank top or the t-shirt. Of course, this is the ONE time she never would have guessed her present.  Well when she saw them, she literally was on the phone w/me for 2 hours going back and forth for which one she would like more.  I thought it was going to take 10 minutes tops -- I was horribly wrong.  The entire time I was just laughing because she is AWFUL at making decisions like that.  Every time she thought she made a decision, I would say alright I'm going to buy it, and then she would start talking herself out of it. She did finally pick the tank top. 

Anywho, the family came over tonight.  JP just had soo much to say.  They went to the mall today.  He told me he got a smoothie, about his coins (Jessica/Joseph gave him all their change), ate mac n cheese (they went to cheesecake factory), and about the airplanes (air/space museum).  Ray was sweet enough to bring me a slice of cheesecake :)  We went outside to the garden and just enjoyed the weather.  JP was having a blast chasing Jessica and Joseph.  Ray and I got a chance to just sit and talk while he was running a muck.  It was nice.  I really do have the best boys!  Here's the pics from yesterday...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's late

Day 29 of hospital bed rest

The nursing students were back today.  It was a great way to break up a typical Thursday.  The girls were different than last weekend.  We spent most the day just talking about surrogacy.  I have always been an open book about the journey and don't mind answering questions :)  The rest of the afternoon I was texting w/Ray.  He sent me so many great pics of all they were doing down in DC.  JP looked like he was just having a blast.  They all looked like they were having fun.  I can't wait to hear more stories tomorrow when they come to visit.  Well it's late and I'm tired :)

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4 weeks

4 weeks of hospital bed rest

Four weeks have gone by in room 259, and I'm still pregnant!  I just wish it was next Tuesday already because I want to know what my cervix is doing! 

I got back to my boat today and made a little bit more progress on the hull.  This afternoon I was still feeling pretty exhausted from yesterday's events.  Before I knew it, I just passed out.  I'm not much of a napper, only if Ray is sleeping next to me, but I needed it today.  When I woke up, I realized the Extreme Couponing marathon was on TLC!!  I hafta say I'm just so obsessed w/that show.  I will be an extreme couponer whenever I do make it outta here.  I mean really if you have the time, everyone should do it.  I will have the time LOL  We don't eat pre-packaged meals, but I would mostly do it for bulk items like tissue paper, tooth paste, deodorant, cereal, Ray's sports drinks, etc.  Another concern is the space for a "stock pile", we are lucky that we will have the room whenever it gets going.  My nurse, Mary, came in at 4pm to listen to the twins heartbeats.  She's like what are you watching? I said YOU'VE NEVER SEEN EXTREME COUPONING?!?!? She's like what's that?  I was like SIT DOWN YOU ARE WATCHING THIS...she was in her words "flabbergasted".  She now wants to start as well. 

Ray and JP came in with Jessica/Joseph (Ray's brother/sister) around 530 w/five guys! WOOHOO JP was so cute, and we shared my cheeseburger.  He had mustard, ketchup and mayo all over his face -- adorable LOL  His brother/sister just flew in from AR yesterday and love MD.  They're here till next Wednesday :)

After we gobbled down our food, they wheeled me outside.  It was gorgeous out.  It's great spending time w/the family.  I am bummed though, I won't be w/JP his first time he goes to DC.  I still haven't been down to see the sights yet.  They're going tomorrow.  I made sure to tell Jessica that she is now in charge of all the picture taking since I won't be there.  Ray said they're going to take the train -- JP will be in heaven!  They're all just going to have a blast :)  Well it's almost time for SYTYCD!!!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

28 weeks!

Day 27 of hospital bed rest

Well that line says it all...I am still here.  Dr. Duke checked my cervix bright and early this morning.  I am now 3cm & 50% effaced.  Baby A (boy) is not engaged in my pelvis which is good and still floating around. Because I have had NO contractions (which is good too), the "team" is leaning towards the fact that I most likely have an incompetent cervix.  You can stop contractions with medication, but you can't stop a woman from dilating.  No one knows when I changed because last time I was checked was 4 weeks ago.  Now, we're going to play it by "ear" with weekly checks.  Next Tuesday, we'll all get a better idea of what is going on.  The best news would be NO change :)  I do still have the potential to go back home on bedrest but that's going to pend on the NO change obviously.   Now, the next goal is 29 weeks.  I told Ray this morning "the ship has been extended."  I got that sentence A LOT through emails and sporadic phone calls back in the old ship days especially when we lived in Hawaii.  The main thing is we made it this far and every week after this will be a gift. I don't have any updates with the cross stitch today because things were just soo busy.  I'll be back to my needle tomorrow...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Monday, June 13, 2011

And a Wake Up!

Day 26 of hospital bed rest

The title is a throw back to my "old" life of when Ray was on ships and gone ALL the time.  As a military wife, you always say "and a wake up" before they come home not 1 day left.  Now that I think about it, I don't really know how that phrase came about LOL

This morning was great.  NST was perfect once again -- babies had great heartbeats and no contractions.  Everything today was just quiet and low key.  I pretty much just stitched the day away.  I finished the water (minus the high light colors) and started back on the hull of the boat w/the green.  Maybe next week I'll finish it? LOL  Next project will be something for the babies, but that's all I will say because I know S & B read ;-)

Nothing else really to report -- tomorrow's the big day.  Fingers crossed the title tomorrow will say I'm home on bed rest!!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

Sunday, June 12, 2011

48 hours and counting!

Day 25 of hospital bed rest

Today JP wasn't in a very good mood :(  I think the time away is really starting to hit him.  Ray said that he doesn't even like driving into Baltimore anymore LOL He says that as soon as they drive past Ravens stadium, JP just starts melting saying "I don't wanna go I don't wanna go".  When they pass the bridge by Mercy hospital, then JP is happy to be seeing mommy again.  JP was just mr. cranky until we ate lunch.  Then, he started to perk back up to his old self.  I explained to JP that hopefully if we get good news on Tuesday then mommy can come back home.  He said "oh ok mommy".  Since it's Sunday, they couldn't stay very long.  They both need naps especially daddy since this is the start of his work week tonight.  Ray sent me this pic of JP talking to my picture about his toys before they took there nap.  Of course, I mean even writing about it makes me tear up.  I have the best boys and yes I do miss them a lot.  I know why I'm here though and that's getting these babies till Tues -- 28 weeks and beyond!

I did get a surprise from my awesome neighbors -- they came to visit!!  It was nice having some "girl" time w/Marie & Lauren.  They also brought goodies : gossip magazines, twix and reese's cups :)  We are so blessed to have the best neighbors.  We just chatted about me and the twins, what's happening on our street, how much they love JP (too cute), and Lauren's new boyfriend HAHA  I did ask Marie when school gets out (she teaches at our local elementary) -- June 22nd.  That's one more eye that'll be right next door all time.  She also said that if they want to start seeing me twice a week at some point, she would have no problem taking me to appointments. 

So we are in the final stretch of reaching our 2nd goal - 28 weeks :)  Just want to thank everyone again for all the support, well wishes and  love! 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies