Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last post!

It seems like just yesterday,  we got the news that my cervix was shortening, and I was going to be put on bed rest.  Because of everything I learned, I will keep this blog "alive." It would be great to know that I helped someone else get through their fight :)!  Well we all know what my fight was here are some new pics that S emailed me of Ellie and Owen!!

I can't believe what chunkers they are!!  Gosh, I just want to squeeze those little cheeks!!  Weaning off pumping went fairly well.  I found a couple good tips from SMO like wearing 2 bras -- what a lifesaver.  It was a little sad seeing the FedEx truck pull away for the last time. 

Well, I hope you will all follow me on my new lose the FINAL 11lbs and heck maybe even a little more!!!!  After last Wednesday, I'm now down to 136 WOOHOO!  Here's my new blog  Follow my crazy battle with the scale to get back to 125lbs!! 

Thanks again to everyone for all the support through it all :)


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This chapter is finally closed :)

As of 7am this morning, I had my final pumping session.  It was definitely bittersweet.  On one hand yes it's going to be great to get a venti caffeinated pumpkin spice w/an extra shot & drink my dear moscato, but then I know this is really the end.  FedEx is coming to get the one box tonight, and I'll schedule the final pick up for Thursday.  I made my original goal of at least 2 months :)  Here's the latest pics S sent me -- I definitely know that the breast milk did it's job because they're just chunkers now (even if they might have been a tad gassy LOL)!!!

If you took a peak at the ticker at the top...down to 137!!! 12lbs to go!!!  I was definitely excited when I saw that on the scale this morning.  I had my free personal training session this morning at the gym.  It went great!  I love just being pushed to the max.  I told him my major concern is saddle bags and he gave me some new things to do -- love it (even if it's sooo painful lol).  I was walking like my legs were jello afterwards & it was great!! Because I LOATHE running, I finally figured out a way to trick myself into running longer distances.  I just cut out tracks during my body pump routine and run during them!! I ran 2.1 miles yesterday and didn't die -- crazy!  I can't even remember the last time I ran that far.  I'm just starting this week out @ 5mph and next week I'll up it to 5.5 and so on. 

I still can't believe it's all over now.  Now I'm just wondering what size my boobs are going to shrink back down too LOL!

Until Next Time,


Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Beast is "back"

Ahhh I finally went to the gym on monday.  I couldn't believe how weak I was.  Literally, the entire workout my whole body was convulsing!  Yea maybe I went a little too hard first day back, but that's how I do it LOL!  It did feel really good to have those weights back in my hand.  This whole week everyone's been making fun because I can't walk up/down the stairs or sit on the toilet w/out bracing myself because my legs are shot!  Tuesday morning, I could feel every single muscle fiber in my legs!  I did go back to the gym but did only arms.  My arms aren't that bad.  Today, I ran even farther since my legs are finally getting back to normal.  I was really happy on how far I went and then walked the rest of my loop.  I haven't weighed myself yet this week...figured I would next week after I've been in the gym for a full week :)  I'm really not worried about losing the last 15, it's just getting my strength back that is going to take a long time. 
I finally got aunt flo back today.  She's definitely making it known she's back in town HAHA!  Uh, I did have to finally go buy tampons yesterday -- BOO!  I hope it doesn't last too long.  We'll see how it goes.  I can't believe the babies will be 8wks old already on Sat.  The pumping is still going but the supply is definitely decreasing.  I don't see it drying up soon, so my original goal of pumping through Oct. being weaned by 1st week in Nov should definitely be achieved :) 

*I have to give a "shout-out" to Krys!  She's 34w and will be taking off bed rest at 36w :) She's almost there and doing an amazing job!*

Until next time!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

7 Weeks 1 day PP

Ahhh the baby "factory" is  closed :)  I had my 6 week postpartum appt friday morning.  It went great!  Everyone just wanted to hear about those twinkies!! It was really great seeing the staff and doctors to say thanks. I got mirena put in, so Sept 2016 looks like I'll be making an appt to get my tubes tied.  Then, my factory will be "officially" closed.  Also, they just started doing flu shots, so I got one as well.  I figured these past couple months I've spent enough time at the doctors. As of last Tuesday, I'm down 1 more pound to 140!  Tomorrow I'm FINALLY going back to the gym!!! I can't wait to get some weights in my hands and really work out!  Seriously, I will probably dream about it because I am THAT excited! oh btw,  I can finally say what the twinkies presents are...I cross stitched their birth announcements and got them framed!!    

It was literally a labor of love :)  S&B got them yesterday.  I wrote a special note on the back of each... carried with love, strength, & determination... love "aunt" whitney.  It was soo hard keeping those presents a secret, but I knew I just wanted to make them something special that they'll always have.  The milk factory is still going.  This past week though, my supply has started to dip. I just hafta see how it goes.  Well, I need to pump before the PACKER BEAR GAME!!!  WOOHOO GO PACK GO!!! 

Until Next Time,


Saturday, September 10, 2011

5wks PP

It's crazy to think that the twinkies are now "officially" as of this past tuesday a month old!!  With out any further's some pics that S has sent me!!

 Owen - 2 weeks old (i love the fist pump!)

Ellie - 2 weeks old (i told S i just want to squeeze those lil cheeks)

Ellie - 4 weeks old ( i can't believe how much hair she has!)

Owen - 4 weeks old (he's mr. chunk now!!)

Owen - 1 month...the brewers outfit i got him!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE
(S had ellie's Braun onesie on but then there was apparently an accident which needed an immediate outfit change -- so i'm still waiting LOL)

Ellie (L) Owen (R) - from their newborn photoshoot...they are just beautiful

Ellie - 1 month old (heart)

Owen - what a stud muffin!

As you can see from the pics, they are just growing like weeds!!! Pumping for them has definitely been doing it's job :) I guess they've been really gassy lately, so much so at their last peditrician appt they had to open the door in the exam room!! So something I'm eating they must be sensitive too...the dr. said dairy might be the culprit.  As of today, dairy is out, so we'll see if that's it.  I mean don't get me wrong I LOVE dairy, but I'm only gonna be able to pump for the twins' for so long so I don't mind :) I do have to say that S & B got all of us the sweetest gift the other day -- Southwest Airlines gift card -- so we can all visit!!  Honestly, just being able to be a "part" of Ellie & Owen's lives is present enough.  Not many surros & their families get the chance to still be there.  Ray and I are thinking maybe around Easter and for SURE next August for their 1st bdays :)  Hopefully, Ray won't have any issues being able to take leave.  Oh before I forget, my "part" of the twinkies' presents is finished!!!  I showed J one of their very close friends and she LOVED them :)  Of course once they get the presents, I'll post the pics here.  Ahhh life's pretty great being an auntie!

On to "me" of Tuesday I'm down to 141, so only 16lbs to go till I'm back to 125!! It's just the stomach, the thighs and the neck LOL!  I don't know ever since I was little I always gain weight in the face & neck.  (I have a running joke that I'm always wearing a scarf because that day my neck feels fat HAHA)  I also found my new gym!!!  I'm not sure I'm going to sign up this week or next week.  I was, like I posted before, hoping to start really walking this past week.  I'm sure you all saw the news about the CRAZY rain we had, so yea that was a no-go!  It was ridiculous that we got MORE rain from that system, than hurricane irene!!  JP started preschool on tuesday :)  I was so happy that Ray was able to come with to drop him off. 

JP picked out his captain america shirt himself!  He's sooo his father's son LOL!!  Well JP did great at school but going home was another story!!  As soon as we walked past the bus, he just went crazy.  He didn't wanna go home, he wanted to stay, wanted to ride the bus, didn't wanna take off his backpack.  He just went into crazy tantrum mode.  He was just kicking & screaming in his car seat like a crazy man.  Of course 2 days later when Ray came with to pick him up, he was happy go lucky -- go figure LOL!!  Here's my updated stomach pic ( I know some ladies from SMO were asking for a new one lol)....

Well it's time to pump.....

Until Next time,


Monday, August 29, 2011

A little over 3 weeks PP

Well, my mom left this morning.  Now, it's back to a "semi-normal" routine...won't be fully until Ray's schedule is back to "normal" hopefully next week.  Mom's trip was A LOT more exciting than the EARTHQUAKE (which of course I was pumping during -- hilarious) & the hurricane.  Nothing really exciting w/the hurricane -- just rain (which got rid of the dry spot in the grass) & mild wind. We were just glad that we didn't lose power.  The earthquake was really shook the house.  I really thought the mirror was going to fall off the wall in the bathroom when I was of my figure skates fell off the shelf down in the den.    We did manage to squeeze in going down to DC last thursday (of course it rained but we made it to the White House) & friday (SO HOT OUT!). Ray & JP had a great time showing me and Mormor (norwegian slang for grandma) around. Ray and I did get to go on a hot date last night to Ra for sushi! We had to use Mormor while she was here for some quality mommy/daddy time ;-) Oh, my mom is now OFFICIALLY ADDICTED to crab cakes! She couldn't get enough after we went to the crab shanty.  Of course we watched the Little League World Series throughout the week!!  We're all so happy that West (Ca) won!!  One day JP will be there playing...we just can't wait to go and watch live -- maybe next summer.  Today, though I just cleaned up, uploaded pics & am trying to catch up on surro boards -- ovay & it's already 1pm!!  Here are some pics...

Onto twinkie news...Owen is already over 5lbs and Ellie is over 6lbs!!!!!!!!  All the breast milk I've sent has definitely done it's job :) I'm now @ 30oz/day.  It's been steady for a couple days, so I think it'll stay there. I've modified my schedule a little bit...6am-8pm every 2 hrs.  I'm going to send out the 3rd shipment tonight -- freezer is super full!  S emailed pics of them last week -- soooo cute!!  It's just going to be such a joy for me and Ray to watch them grow up :)  I think my bleeding is pretty much done and stomach is still shrinking.  I'm not really worried about the weight because it's going to come off -- it's just going to be how fast my skin is going to tighten back up.  Only 3 more weeks until I can work out again :)  I'm going to start walking hardcore probably next week to get my cardio going.   Here's the stomach pic....

*those are the other 2 stretch marks ellie gave me ;-) so a grand total of 3 haha

Until the next time,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 days post partum!

I am happy to say that as of yesterday my swelling is all gone!!  That was my only "real" complaint after delivery.  I've been off my pain meds (motrin/oxicodone) since last week...I really feel great.  Pumping has been going great!!  The factory is definitely in high production.  I'm still on a every 2hr schedule during the day until 9pm & sleep until 5am.  I think today I'm going to start stretching out one session to 3hrs and go from there.  I text S a pic of the stock in the freezer yesterday ;-)  I am hoping to send out the first shipment the end of this week.  Thanks to the swelling gone and pumping I'm done about 20lbs to 147...only 22lbs more to go to get back to 125 :)  I have been wearing my postpartum support wrap (I'm wearing it in the pic) -- AMAZING.  The twinks had their first ped's appt on friday -- doing great!  It's just amazing that after everything we all went through, they got to go home only a couple days after delivery and stayed in the regular nursery.  I feel very complete and happy.  Well here's what my stomach looks like 10 days after having twins...

Until the next update LOL