Friday, June 17, 2011

The Brewers Tee

Day 30 of hospital bed rest

My dad called me last night to ask what I was thinking about getting mom for her birthday (6/25).  Of course from everything that's been going on, I was like YIKES I forgot!  My mission this morning was to figure out what I was going to get her.  I always pride myself on the best presents ;-)  Then, I started thinking maybe a new brewers t-shirt.  On, they had this awesome vintage baby blue tank top which is right up her alley (she's obsessed w/baby blue).  She's small, but I called her just to ask her if she was buying a tank top what size would she buy LOL She thought a small would be good which was perfect because that was the only size it came in besides XL.  When I put in my "cart", that darn "you might also like this" popped up w/this amazing vintage cap sleeved tee.  It looked like one of her old softball shirts from the 70s.  I'm like darn it your right she would LOVE THAT LOL  I just had to breakdown and ask her what she would like the tank top or the t-shirt. Of course, this is the ONE time she never would have guessed her present.  Well when she saw them, she literally was on the phone w/me for 2 hours going back and forth for which one she would like more.  I thought it was going to take 10 minutes tops -- I was horribly wrong.  The entire time I was just laughing because she is AWFUL at making decisions like that.  Every time she thought she made a decision, I would say alright I'm going to buy it, and then she would start talking herself out of it. She did finally pick the tank top. 

Anywho, the family came over tonight.  JP just had soo much to say.  They went to the mall today.  He told me he got a smoothie, about his coins (Jessica/Joseph gave him all their change), ate mac n cheese (they went to cheesecake factory), and about the airplanes (air/space museum).  Ray was sweet enough to bring me a slice of cheesecake :)  We went outside to the garden and just enjoyed the weather.  JP was having a blast chasing Jessica and Joseph.  Ray and I got a chance to just sit and talk while he was running a muck.  It was nice.  I really do have the best boys!  Here's the pics from yesterday...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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