Thursday, June 2, 2011

Go Team!

Day 15 of hospital bed rest

Today started out great: NST was perfect.  The babies had great heartbeats and no contractions.  After I was off the monitors, I squeezed in some needlework time before the phone conference.  We had a team (me, S&B via phone, charge nurse, my nurse for the day, social worker & Dr. Henderson) meeting this afternoon.  I feel it went very well :)  It's just important to know that everyone's on the same page and make sure questions are addressed.  Some things we discussed were how things are going now, what steps will be taken to assess my stability on being discharged in 2 weeks, my medicine protocol, and my potential bedrest back at home.  Just need to keep on trucking!  After the phone call, I had my growth scan.  It was nice because the tech actually came up to my room.  The babies looked great on the screen!! They definitely look bigger -- still waiting on to get the exact weights.  If I don't find out tonight, then when Dr. Henderson comes on rounds tomorrow morning I'll get them.  The tech really got some cute 4d pics of the faces.  I had the nurse scan me some of the ultrasound pics, so I could email S&B.  After the tech was done with all the anatomy measurements, she did a trans-vaginal ultrasound to check my cervical length. Dr. Bashir came in and there was NO dynamic funneling :)  She said it's pretty much the same length 1.2 (that's what it measured 15 days ago) and some shots they even measured 1.3.  To finish out my very busy afternoon, I FINISHED my needlepoint!!  Really, mixing the thread color wasn't that bad and it turned out really nice.  Well So You Think You Can Dance is calling....

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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