Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nice and Quiet

Day 24 of hospital bed rest

Today was another quiet Saturday.  As soon as the boys got here, they wheeled me down to the cafeteria, so we could get some lunch.  That's the only thing that's pretty dismal here -- weekend lunches.  I didn't even put in my  order for tomorrow. The boys will take me for lunch again tomorrow.  It was definitely cooler out today when we went up to the garden.  Unfortunately, it started raining -- boo.  At least I got to get a little fresh air :)  We went for another "roll" through the hospital.  JP loves seeing the construction of the new building and talking about all the equipment. 

After the stroll, we got back to the room and snuggled in bed.  JP got to play with the doppler to listen to the babies.  He started getting creative and wanted to listen to my elbows, fingers, and forehead.  Ray and I just laughed :)  I had my lunch tray in my room when we got back, and JP kept eyeing my lemon ice.  He had never had one and kept saying he wanted to try it.  Well apparently, he LOVES lemon ice.  He let me take all of 2 bites, Ray got 1 and he ate the rest.  I told Ray next time they go to the commissary to pick up some italian ice for him which is going to have to be soon seeing as Ray's brother and sister are coming out to visit on Tuesday.  Around 1pm, they headed out to go get haircuts.  Ray actually didn't get JP's hair buzzed off -- YAY!  It's just a cute trim :)  I spent the rest of afternoon watching SNL and working on my water.  Ray did bring me my 469 thread, so I can finish the boat once I'm done with the water. 

3 more days till our 2nd goal is reached 28 weeks! 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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