Saturday, June 18, 2011

My poor fingers

Day 31 of hospital bed rest

Well, last night wasn't the best.  The ante-partum floor has now become over flow for post partum because we're fairly empty vs a couple weeks ago.  I heard quite a few babies last night -- boo!  Today hasn't been bad, so I'm hoping they all left LOL  After I got Ray set up for buying tickets online for the national aquarium, I put my fingers to the needle.  It was pretty much nonstop for the entire day.  My knuckles feel like they just need to continuously crack, but I can't crack them anymore.  I am so happy to say the boat is FINISHED!!  I just have one spot of highlight thread left in the water.  Then, I plan on working on the oars and starting the bear tomorrow, finally!

The family had a blast at the aquarium.  JP told me he saw Dory & Nemo.  Then, he told me about the dolphin show and the sharks.  I was bummed they didn't come see me today :(  They got lost on the way out (I'm the navigator).  They'll be here tomorrow though, so we can celebrate Father's day. 

Forgot to mention, that I was really pining for my cheesecake this afternoon for my snack.  It was a half hour and still no cheesecake.  Mary, my nurse, walks in and says there no cheesecake to be found!!  I was like WHAT???!?!?!  Yes, I was upset because really who steals cheesecake from someone on bed rest -- ovay!  Mary was also mad, so she's like well let me think of something I can do to make you feel better.  She is getting the 5-star chef in the Warburg bldg ( for kings/queens etc) to make me breakfast tomorrow -- a REAL breakfast.  I couldn't believe it when she suggested that.  I was all over that option!  I'll definitely take a pic for sure.  On another food note, one of the ladies came from the nutrition dept to discuss how things have been going.  I told her that they really need a different menu for people here long term -- things get boring really quick.  On the breakfast note, I did say that is really the most boring and suggested they start doing specials during the week like lunch & dinner.  I could see the light go on in her head and hopefully now soon there will be breakfast specials! Well it's getting late...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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