Friday, June 10, 2011

Start of the weekend

Day 23 of the hospital bed rest

Friday means the weekend is here!  The boys came a little later today, because JP had a school physical (for starting pre-k 3yr old in the fall) this morning.  Ray said it went great.  Little man is still the same just a little under average (47%) for both weight & height.  When they walked in the door, I couldn't help but laugh.  Once again, they matched outfits.  If they didn't look enough alike already -- both had khaki shorts & dark blue t-shirts on.  Ray was like what?  I was like yea hello twins LOL  He says JP picked his clothes out this morning ;-) 

We all ate lunch my in room and watched "Despicable Me".  They did wheel me out to the garden for a little fresh air.  It's still really hot out here in MD, so it was only for 10 minutes.  Then ,we just strolled around the hospital for a bit before heading back to the room.  We all just snuggled on the bed -- it was great.  JP thought it would be funny if daddy wore "mommy's robot socks." Well Ray put them on as puppets. It was hilarious.  They are just soo goofy.  The things that will amuse boys I don't think I'll ever understand.  After they left at 3, I got back to my hoop.  I started doing some filler boat colors and the water.  It's nice just seeing it finally take shape.  Just can't wait to see them again tomorrow!! 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies


4 days until possible discharge!!

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