Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Day of Surprises

3 weeks of hospital bed rest -- 6 days to go...

Today just started out like every other.  Ray and I talked in the morning.  I text w/S for a bit :) After that, I got down to business on my stitching.  I got a knock on my door after lunch.  It was one of the gals from the nurses station w/a box from amazon :) It came from Jill (one of S's best friends).  She is so thoughtful.  I love the lotion and the lavender eye pillow!!  They both smell heavenly!! When the excitement died down ;-) , I got back to my stitching again.  I did end up running out the 469 color but did make a good dent in the bottom of the boat.  At 230pm, I got another knock at the door.  The woman said this box was just outside of my door in the hall.  It was from FTD.  I just thought maybe my family had sent more flowers since they knew the flowers they sent the first week had died.  Inside the box was this gorgeous little bush of flowering roses in yellow :)  -- so cute and cheery.  I found the card on the outside of the box and was so surprised that it was from one of my surro friends from who had sent it.  Krystal is such a wonderful person to do something like that :)  She is currently 18 weeks pregnant on her first surro journey.  She's an amazing lady!  This day was just getting better by the hour!  Well back to my stitching I went.  345pm rolled around and another knock on the door.  It was the twin mom from down the hall :)  I had passed her a note earlier this morning asking if she wanted to get together this afternoon and the book by Dr. Barbara Luke to read.  She came in with fresh flowers and good news (well for her).  She was going home!  She said the note and book this morning really helped pick up her spirits.  We chatted for a bit before she had to go back to her room and pack.  Today was just wonderful...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies


  1. Hello Whitney! Your stitching is coming along great! Hopefully you will be able to leave soon too along with the friends you have met over the past few days!

    I also had a question since I will probably be using Triwest Insurance, and I got from the SMO boards you know about that stuff. Can I email you? Thanks in Advance.

  2. Aww you're so sweet! It was definitely a good day of surprises for you. You deserve it! Only 6 more days, woohoo!!!