Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It was a long night

Week 5 of hospital bed rest -- 20 days till next goal of 32 weeks

Last night wasn't the best to say the least.  I was starting to get the waves of back pain which can turn into back labor, so of course I let my nurse and doctors know.  I was so exhausted this morning, because I had been up for awhile.  Luckily, everything just tapered down to nothing.  They put me on the monitors and all is quiet on the homefront.  After lunch, I just passed out till about 4pm.  I felt soo much better. 

The boys were going to come see me tonight but got held up giving statements to the police about a car accident they witnessed from road rage -- CRAZY!  Ray said that this Mercedes next to him saw a mini van trying to get over to the left lane (had blinker on).  The Mercedes gunned it, so the mini van had to swerve back into his lane.  Then, all of sudden the mini van just jacked it all the way to the left and rammed the Mercedes into the median!!!  Once again CRAZY!!!  The boys were 2 cars back so safe and sound thank goodness.  There was a lady in a car next to the boys who called 911.  They both pulled off to help.  The guy in the mini van jumped out of his car and started yelling all these obscenities & pounding on the window saying he wanted a fight.  When the cop came JP got to check out the car which he LOVED and even got to sit in the back seat.  Ray was telling the cop what he saw, and JP chimed in that the mini van was MEAN!  When the cop heard that, he's like what's your name son because now that's official & will be put on the record.  JP was very happy the bad guy got in trouble ;-) 

Other news, Kelly (my roommate) and I are the only long term ante partum women left on the floor.  They got 2 "newbies" sometime this week, so we'll see them I'm sure at our ante partum group on Tuesday.  We do get a long really well, so it's definitely making sharing the room a lot easier.  It looks like it will be awhile before we'll back to having our own space. Maybe tomorrow, I'll have one of our nurses get a pic of us together.  We did get to "escape" 259 for a little bit and get some fresh air out on the garden.  I think we are going to try to have them take us every day.  Well it's almost time for SYTYCD so gotta run...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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  1. Wow! I'm glad the guys are okay! And good to hear the back pain went away. No babies yet!!