Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Food Glorious Food

2 weeks of hospital bed rest

Well, today was all about my 3 hour glucose test.  That glucola still tastes disgusting, fyi.  After my 4 blood draws and 4 hours, I finally got my results... I DON'T HAVE GESTATIONAL DIABETES!!!! (hence the title today hehe)  I really thought I was going to pass because like I've said before my blood sugars have been great.  To celebrate, Lindsay, my nurse grabbed me a mango italian ice -- DELISH! I also had her put the order in for the dessert special: brownie ala mode and ice cream w/my dinner.  It was just marvelous MUAHAHAHA  I know the twinkies are very happy ;-)   When I put in my order for my meals tomorrow, it was so exciting w/all the choices I have now.  I am VERY excited to eat everything tomorrow.  Really, I am just happy to eat some fresh fruit tomorrow and orange juice.  Fruit has always been a very big part of my diet and that's what hurt the most when it had to be cut out.  I was bummed this morning when I was talking with the social worker and realized today was Wednesday not Tuesday.  I missed the ante-partum get together because it was yesterday!  That's the preggo brain for ya.  Next week though, I will be there :)  Me and S talked today about me leaving 2 days early. We just have an amazing relationship that we can be completely honest with each other.   This is why it is SO important for surrogates and their IPs to have a great relationship. She wants me to stay till that Tuesday.  I am totally fine w/that because we are ALL on the same team.  I mean if  Ray, JP, and I didn't care about her & B and their babies we would have never made it this far.  I take my job very seriously protecting these babies, so whether it's 11 or 13 days to go, it doesn't matter.  I just like having my eye on the prize ;-)  Being here w/some other women, I feel lucky.  Some are in very dire situations and don't have the ability to go back home on bed rest.  So for now, I am just keeping my chin up and working towards our goal - 28 weeks and part B going home on bed rest!! 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies


  1. Mmmmm that ice cream looks delicious! I'm sure the babies loved it!

  2. Well now I have to make the hubby go get me a brownie fudge sundae! :-) I'm glad all is well with you and the babies.