Tuesday, June 21, 2011

29 weeks

Day 34 of hospital bed rest

Once again, the subtitle says it all.  Here's the nitty gritty... I'm now 3.5cm and still 50% effaced.  They want me here till 32 weeks (obviously unless I deliver before that).  At that time, I will be reevaluated for a possible discharge.  They gave me the first rescue dose of steroids just for precaution in case I deliver in the next 4 weeks.  I'll get the final shot tomorrow night around dinner time.  I asked them to continue to do a weekly cervical check on Tuesdays just because hey I'm here I might as well know whats going on.  Obviously, it's not the news we wanted, but my body calls the shots. I did get a decent amount of stitching done because it took FOREVER to get Dr. Duke in here. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies


  1. Aww man! I know that was a disappointment, I'm sory! :-(
    I'll be keeping you and the babies in my prayers that they stay put for weeks to come. No more dialating!!

    The stitching is coming along great too! :)

  2. You are a very strong woman. Sorry for your extended stay. Your IP's must love you so much :)