Monday, August 29, 2011

A little over 3 weeks PP

Well, my mom left this morning.  Now, it's back to a "semi-normal" routine...won't be fully until Ray's schedule is back to "normal" hopefully next week.  Mom's trip was A LOT more exciting than the EARTHQUAKE (which of course I was pumping during -- hilarious) & the hurricane.  Nothing really exciting w/the hurricane -- just rain (which got rid of the dry spot in the grass) & mild wind. We were just glad that we didn't lose power.  The earthquake was really shook the house.  I really thought the mirror was going to fall off the wall in the bathroom when I was of my figure skates fell off the shelf down in the den.    We did manage to squeeze in going down to DC last thursday (of course it rained but we made it to the White House) & friday (SO HOT OUT!). Ray & JP had a great time showing me and Mormor (norwegian slang for grandma) around. Ray and I did get to go on a hot date last night to Ra for sushi! We had to use Mormor while she was here for some quality mommy/daddy time ;-) Oh, my mom is now OFFICIALLY ADDICTED to crab cakes! She couldn't get enough after we went to the crab shanty.  Of course we watched the Little League World Series throughout the week!!  We're all so happy that West (Ca) won!!  One day JP will be there playing...we just can't wait to go and watch live -- maybe next summer.  Today, though I just cleaned up, uploaded pics & am trying to catch up on surro boards -- ovay & it's already 1pm!!  Here are some pics...

Onto twinkie news...Owen is already over 5lbs and Ellie is over 6lbs!!!!!!!!  All the breast milk I've sent has definitely done it's job :) I'm now @ 30oz/day.  It's been steady for a couple days, so I think it'll stay there. I've modified my schedule a little bit...6am-8pm every 2 hrs.  I'm going to send out the 3rd shipment tonight -- freezer is super full!  S emailed pics of them last week -- soooo cute!!  It's just going to be such a joy for me and Ray to watch them grow up :)  I think my bleeding is pretty much done and stomach is still shrinking.  I'm not really worried about the weight because it's going to come off -- it's just going to be how fast my skin is going to tighten back up.  Only 3 more weeks until I can work out again :)  I'm going to start walking hardcore probably next week to get my cardio going.   Here's the stomach pic....

*those are the other 2 stretch marks ellie gave me ;-) so a grand total of 3 haha

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  1. Great update! (Wish I *only* had 3 strech marks!) I'm glad y'all are okay from the earthquake and rain!