Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last night HAHA

Day 3 of home bed rest

#1 Omgosh Jesse needs to be a permanent judge on SYTYCD!!  He's freaking hilarious : braille on my arm, straight man crush on Sonya, etc.  I can't wait to watch the result show tonight :)  Of course my faves melanie/marko were amazing AGAIN!!  I'm so sad they're gonna be broken up next week.  Melanie has been my favorite since the auditions, so I'm excited to see which all star she'll be matched w/next week.  They got my vote like always! 

#2 I was thinking to myself in the shower last night that man I'm really thankful for the skin genes passed down from my grandmother & mother.  I was about to put my belly balm on, and I was this little red mark.  I was like jeez did I scratch myself?  Then it hit me, the little miss gave me a "welcome home" present.  Literally it must have been the night I got home while I was sleeping.  She gave me a stretch mark!  I really think she just kicked/punched out my stomach in that spot because it's so random LOL  Pic tomorrow...

#3 Ray's schedule was crazy yesterday.  He was able to come home early last night.  It was great when he got snuggled in bed.  He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me goodnight.  Well sometime between my dreams, I could hear him talking in his sleep about having to go back in.  I really could have sworn he was texting on his phone.  Then, I heard him snoring.  He then turned away from me and farted.  I was like yup I'm home LOL  I told him about it this morning, and he denied everything of course except for passing gas. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies