Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just made it!

Day 76 of bed rest

I'm happy to announce that I "finished" little man's present today!  Talk about cutting my schedule close LOL -- I did make a good start on little girl's, so that definitely helps with the impending time crunch. 

We told JP that Uncle D is excited!  A lot of the excitement is JP knowing he gets to go pick him up at the airport.  I know he's ready for the next 2 weeks to fly by, so he can just go crazy w/his uncle. He's also ready for his birthday.  For the past couple days, JP's been talking about his party, cake, and presents.  He also wants to be 5 not 3.  We're just going to do a small family "party" w/cake & balloons because any time around his bday will be prime twinkie time (36+ weeks).  We've been bouncing ideas about what all we want to get him, but still aren't sure. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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