Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last post!

It seems like just yesterday,  we got the news that my cervix was shortening, and I was going to be put on bed rest.  Because of everything I learned, I will keep this blog "alive." It would be great to know that I helped someone else get through their fight :)!  Well we all know what my fight was here are some new pics that S emailed me of Ellie and Owen!!

I can't believe what chunkers they are!!  Gosh, I just want to squeeze those little cheeks!!  Weaning off pumping went fairly well.  I found a couple good tips from SMO like wearing 2 bras -- what a lifesaver.  It was a little sad seeing the FedEx truck pull away for the last time. 

Well, I hope you will all follow me on my new lose the FINAL 11lbs and heck maybe even a little more!!!!  After last Wednesday, I'm now down to 136 WOOHOO!  Here's my new blog  Follow my crazy battle with the scale to get back to 125lbs!! 

Thanks again to everyone for all the support through it all :)



  1. They are precious, Whitney! You did great! And I look forward to following the weight loss too. Ugh, now I have to start! :/

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