Friday, July 22, 2011

My 1/2 of the plan

Day 74 of bed rest

Well, today was pretty much spent on the phone w/my family back in WI.  Lauren text me last night saying she forgot that back in March she promised a family friend she would dog/house sit 7th-16th. At that time I'll be 36 weeks into 37 weeks, which could potentially be me going into labor.  My main concern is that someone will be here to watch JP if something happens at night because I'm going to need Ray's support.  After a bunch of calls between my mom, dad, and brother to figure out how they'd work my mom's jury duty & watching their dog, my brother will be coming out the 8th-14th.  Then, Marie (Lauren's mom) will have her phone ready on her night stand to cover the rest.  So that's my 1/2 of the August plan of attack.  My mom is still thinking about coming out after her jury duty (was talking about it earlier this week) for JP's "birthday." She would obviously miss it w/her jury duty because his is the 18th.  She just wants to see her little man :)   We'll probably figure that out tomorrow when everyone is home at their house LOL  The other 1/2 of the plan is S&B's...if they're going to come down at 36/37 weeks & wait or if they'll just wait for "the call."  S was working today, so we'll talk about it tomorrow. 

On an awesome side note...Ray picked up cheesecake factory for dinner!!!  It was my idea ;-) It was just too hot today for him to turn on the stove.  Oh, my cobb salad was amazing & my red velvet cheesecake was heavenly!!!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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