Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Day 83 of bed rest

"Bang Bang Daddy -- you're dead" "Bang Bang JP" " Ohhh I dead"...nothing like the boys making guns out of blocks.  They were just cracking me up running around crazy and shooting each other. Then, the blocks turned into airplanes, spaceships, suitcases & a birthday cake.   JP is definitely getting really good with his imagination.  I hafta say some of the guns he came up w/were really creative HAHA! I was just working on little girl's present of course all day.   My fingers are sore today because there was some really tight needlework -- blah but that part is finished WOOHOO!  I was planning on packing my bag for the hospital this morning, but Ray hadn't got my dirty laundry washed yet.  That will be done tomorrow morning!  I just want it ready to go, so I don't have to fart around at the last minute whenever the time is.  I got a reminder that it needs to be done now rather than later when I saw in my SMO cycling group that fellow surro Kristina delivered the twins this morning (we have the same due date & both on bed rest well now just me LOL).  Congrats to you and your IPs-- you did an amazing job!!  Once again the boys should be up from their naps any minute...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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