Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 days post partum!

I am happy to say that as of yesterday my swelling is all gone!!  That was my only "real" complaint after delivery.  I've been off my pain meds (motrin/oxicodone) since last week...I really feel great.  Pumping has been going great!!  The factory is definitely in high production.  I'm still on a every 2hr schedule during the day until 9pm & sleep until 5am.  I think today I'm going to start stretching out one session to 3hrs and go from there.  I text S a pic of the stock in the freezer yesterday ;-)  I am hoping to send out the first shipment the end of this week.  Thanks to the swelling gone and pumping I'm done about 20lbs to 147...only 22lbs more to go to get back to 125 :)  I have been wearing my postpartum support wrap (I'm wearing it in the pic) -- AMAZING.  The twinks had their first ped's appt on friday -- doing great!  It's just amazing that after everything we all went through, they got to go home only a couple days after delivery and stayed in the regular nursery.  I feel very complete and happy.  Well here's what my stomach looks like 10 days after having twins...

Until the next update LOL



  1. Looking good!! I hope I can look that good after only 10 days!

  2. Wow! Way to look like you DIDN'T just pop out twins! It's so great that you and the babies are doing just perfect! :-) As you know...EVERYONE appreciates the sacrifices you and your family made. You rock!

  3. Hmmm, maybe I should have used one of those wraps. ;) It's fun to watch the belly shrink, too!

  4. have i mentioned i hate you? you look wonderful.

  5. You are looking great and I am totally jealous your swelling is already gone cause mine doesn't seem to be or maybe its just that my uterus is bigger and taking longer to shrink.

    Yay for pumping so glad its going great be careful as you stretch your feedings out when I started doing mine I got clogged milk ducts and my supply has increased back up since.

    I am wearing the support band still to :)

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