Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All Good

Day 72 of bed rest

Today's appointments went great. Lauren really got a kick out of my NST. She couldn't believe how my stomach was moving all over. I was able to grab her hand quick enough so she could feel little girl's foot. The machine was "older" but "fancier" than what I was having before. It had this extra feature which basically acted like a seisometer for every movement they made. Of course, it was going like crazy because that's just how these babies are. Everyone in the MFM office was happy to see me. It felt great just being in the office. I'm up 1lb so 161 -- watch out Ray 3lbs till I catch you ;-) I saw Dr. S. She just asked how I was doing & did a quick ultrasound. They're still BOTH head down (believe me I can feel it LOL). I'm still carrying high aka all feet in ribs. That was pretty much it. We went over to Osler (was weird giving the security guard my ID to get the pass). My fave nurse was on today, so we just chat chitted for a bit. Then, it was on to see Kelly.  It was great catching up -- we still text a lot :)  I'm just waiting for her text saying she's in labor.  I told her next Friday Ray and I will stop by after my appts.  I have the big 34 week growth scan, nst & MFM appt on the 29th.  Well it's that time...SYTYCD!!!!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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  1. Great update! I'm glad those babies are staying in there! :-)