Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Ok time to recalculate bed rest...

Yesterday was Day 55 of hospital bed rest

Now Day 2 of home bed rest :)

I know I know I was going to update yesterday.  I guess my laptop freaked out when I had hi-speed internet again because it wouldn't even connect : Go figure!  So here are the pics first :) Well scratch that...we can't figure out why my upload speed stinks right now.  Whenever it's fixed I'll just do a post for the pics.

So yesterday...
I was pretty much up after the early morning little rounding resident came in.  Dr. Graham (attending on for the week) & Dr. Birshner (4 yr resident) came in about 8am for the regular rounds.  Immediately, I was like when is Dr. E coming?!?  They already knew the plan & Dr. B said she would give him a ring.  In the mean time, I was waiting for B to text to say he was there :)  Well Dr. B let me know about 930am that Dr. E was doing some off site high risk consulting at Bayview and that he would be back at Hopkins main campus to check me after lunch.  I was soo happy I finally had a "time".  About that time, B had called & said he found Northeast market.  He picked us up some breakfast! He got up to my room about 11ish.  I told him I hope your eyes are ready (he hasn't seen the belly in person since 24w).  He couldn't believe how big I am especially that I'm all front LOL  He got me scrambled eggs w/cheese, a waffle, & bacon -- Delish!!! So we just caught up & waited for Dr. E.  At 1pm, one of the girls from the nurses station had got my wheelchair to take me down to group.  I was like uhhh has anyone heard if Dr. E is on his way or close? She said No...wait here he is!!  B scooted out of the room after a quick introduction, so we could get the "show" on the road.  Andi (one of the nurses I love) was the chaperone since he's a male doctor.  He checked and said yea you're the same!  I just started screaming/crying all at once.  I gave Andi a hug.  Dr. E was like this is why you have a chaperone w/you because who would have known what was going on if they had walked by HAHA.  My friend, Kelly, said she heard me through the wall and was like yea Whitney's going home.  Dr. E went out to talk to B, so I quick got dressed & started spreading the amazing news that my cervix made no change!!  When he came back in, we talked about future appts (weekly w/NSTs), told me good job, & bed rest will be the same as it was before at home.  He's such a great doctor!  B came back in after a bit.  I was like have you heard back from S yet???  But we both knew she was probably SUPER busy & didn't have her phone on her LOL  I told him it was a good thing he changed his flight to 630pm!  We just breathed a sigh of relief :)  When my nurse Val came in, I asked how long would it take to do the discharge. She said they had a couple post partum women w/babies to do but it shouldn't take that long.   On that note, B started getting all my stuff together to take down to the car.  It was so funny. I had all my toiletries in biohazard ziploc bags HAHA  One of my fave janitors actually hooked him up with a cart, so he only had to make one trip.  Dr. B called on the in house phone and told me congratulations :) She said she was very happy to be typing in my discharge order from Dr. E & said another resident would be by shortly to go over my at home bed rest.  That was at about 230pm.  Well the other doctor came in at 3pm and went over everything.  B and I were like great this is it, but we still had to wait for the paperwork.  Val FINALLY came in at 4pm w/my paperwork.  It states everything that I'm to do like obviously pelvic rest, no more than 60 min of walking max per day (which I don't even know how I would be physically able to walk that much), modified bed rest, and what meds I'm to take (vag progesterone till 36 weeks).  After I signed, I had her cut my bracelet -- I was really going home!

It was great being in B's rental car.  His GPS gave us this weird roundabout way home vs the standard 295.  That was interesting LOL, but it was just great seeing outside.   When we almost got to my house, I opened up the window and stuck out my hand to enjoy the fresh breeze (even though it was blazing hot out).  I will admit I started getting teary eyed when we made the final turn on to my street.  It was surreal walking back in.  Ray was sleeping all day, so he didn't know I was home.  I plopped myself on the couch and B brought in all my stuff.  He was able to quick run to the grocery store to pick me up a few things before he had to head to the airport.  Ray walked down the stairs at 5pm.  I just waved at him :) , and he gave me a big kiss!  That's when B walked in the door w/the groceries.  They said a quick Hi as they both had to head out the door (Ray had to get JP & B headed to the airport). It was so amazing watching our nice big screen tvHGTV all day today).  When the boys came home, JP couldn't see me on the couch.  I just said "Hi JP!".  He said "MOMMY!!" & gave me the best hug ever.  Then, he quick took off his sandals and just laid w/me.  He just kept saying "mommy, mommy, mommy" over and over.  Our amazing neighbors brought over dinner & dessert : steak, grilled corn on the cob, grilled potatoes & lemon bars.  I literally cleaned my plate in 5 seconds.  It was such a wonderful way to be welcomed back home.  After we ate, the boys came and laid w/me as we all watched Iron Chef :)  

They went upstairs to take a shower, as I was getting ready to watch Rickie Weeks & Prince Fielder kick butt in the All Star Game.  I heard JP getting all upset as he was putting on his "sleep" clothes (he still refuses to wear jammies).  He now doesn't want to wear pull ups at night and just wants undies.  Ovay!  Ray brought him down so I could kiss him goodnight :)  Then, he had to head to work.  

Today :  My bed has never felt so comfy!  I had Lauren whip me up a instant breakfast shake for breakfast, fill my water bottle, cut up the fresh pineapple B picked up yesterday (just ate some for lunch!!)  & put it in the fridge.  JP was so happy to see me this morning once again on the couch.  He gave me tons of hugs.  Ray came home quickly changed and both boys gave me a kiss as they headed back out the door. When they left, I texted w/ S & Kelly for a bit :)  Then, I scheduled my appt w/Dr. E & NST for next wednesday.  That was really weird but felt good ;-)  Micah came home and was like "Hey stranger!!" It was great timing because he helped fix my internet & got my lunch (fresh pineapple ahhhh soo good).  Well, I'm looking forward to catching up on all my shows I've missed now LOL  

Thanks to everyone for all the great support when I was in the hospital :)

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies


  1. So glad you are home!!! Take it easy

  2. YAY!!!!!! I bet it's a wonderful feeling being home after all that time! Take it easy.

  3. So glad you're home Whitney! Congrats :-)
    (Pippy Sunshine on SMO)

  4. Congrats on finally getting to go home! I bet it's wonderful!