Sunday, September 25, 2011

7 Weeks 1 day PP

Ahhh the baby "factory" is  closed :)  I had my 6 week postpartum appt friday morning.  It went great!  Everyone just wanted to hear about those twinkies!! It was really great seeing the staff and doctors to say thanks. I got mirena put in, so Sept 2016 looks like I'll be making an appt to get my tubes tied.  Then, my factory will be "officially" closed.  Also, they just started doing flu shots, so I got one as well.  I figured these past couple months I've spent enough time at the doctors. As of last Tuesday, I'm down 1 more pound to 140!  Tomorrow I'm FINALLY going back to the gym!!! I can't wait to get some weights in my hands and really work out!  Seriously, I will probably dream about it because I am THAT excited! oh btw,  I can finally say what the twinkies presents are...I cross stitched their birth announcements and got them framed!!    

It was literally a labor of love :)  S&B got them yesterday.  I wrote a special note on the back of each... carried with love, strength, & determination... love "aunt" whitney.  It was soo hard keeping those presents a secret, but I knew I just wanted to make them something special that they'll always have.  The milk factory is still going.  This past week though, my supply has started to dip. I just hafta see how it goes.  Well, I need to pump before the PACKER BEAR GAME!!!  WOOHOO GO PACK GO!!! 

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  1. Awwww those are so cute! You did a great job, I bet your IPs loved them. And good job on the weight loss front!