Monday, August 8, 2011

The Birth of the Twinkies

After 88 days of bed rest (8/5) my body said it was ready!

Last weekend my braxton hicks contractions really started.  Everyday I would just notice more and more leading up to Friday.  Friday morning before my appt while on the phone w/my mom, I noticed that they weren't going away.  I even loaded the contraction timer on my computer to see what the spacing was : 5-7 min.  I was like hmmm we'll see.  Ray did garbage bag/towel my seat just in case my water broke on the way down.  He also brought a book w/him just in case. 
My first appt was the doppler. Baby A (Owen) looked great.  Dr. E was actually the MFM on u/s rounds.  I told him how I was feeling and that Dr. Graham was going to check me at my appt.  He said if I could hold out he was going to be on L&D on Sunday! I had time between appts so Ray & I grabbed lunch.  By this time, I had to stand up and walk a bit.  Swaying was really helping alleviate my back pain.  We saw Dr. Duke (my original resident who admitted me back @ 24w -- love her!) in the cafeteria.  She was so happy to see me still pregnant and couldn't believe that I was 35 weeks plus. It was really hard to get comfy at the table, so we ate quick. We were able to get up to my NST early which was good because I really wanted to see what my strip would say.  Sure enough there were the contractions!  They were irregular at 6-10 min apart but there!  I don't think they would have bothered me so much if they didn't start in my back.  We realized why I was back pain at the doppler,  little man was sunny side up!  The babies though looked great on the strip.  I was getting more excited to see what my cervix was doing.  They tentatively scheduled out my appts, but I just had a feeling that I wasn't going to make them LOL!  As soon as the NST was done, we went right into the MFM office.  I did my pee sample and sure enough more mucous plug was coming out (it's been coming out since about 29 weeks).  I told the nurse, Cindy, right away about the contractions and the strip.  She said Dr. Graham would be right in to check me.  Meanwhile, I was pacing/swaying in the room waiting.  I asked Ray what he thought...still didn't know if it was really "time."  Well Dr. Graham comes in but realizes they're out of sterile gel.  Ray told him there was some gel on the counter.  Dr. Graham was like "yea that's ultrasound gel...I don't think that would work." I was laughing so hard!  I told Dr. Graham don't listen to my hubby he's not in the medicinal field, he only knows computers LMAO!!  (That's our new joke now -- just put some ultrasound gel on it)  Anywho, he got the gel & checked...4cm/100% effaced!!  He's like "yea we will be sending you over to L&D."  He was looking at my strip on the computer and told me I was actually having contractions 3-5 minutes apart (they were just smaller and we couldn't notice).  Well it was time for "the call."  Thank goodness S picked up right away.  I was like "soo what are you doing?" Of course she's like "what's going on?" I told her "I'm 4cm/100% effaced & I'm going to L&D!!".  The stars some how all aligned because she wasn't working that day & B was actually in town down here for business.  He was actually on his way back from PA (had meetings) to Baltimore.  I told her just to call me back when she figured out her flight.   Ray & I walked down to L&D after everyone in the office wished us good luck :)  We got set up in Room #2.  I was soo happy to see some of my fave nurses - Brandi & Lindsay from my bed rest days!!  Lindsay actually ended up taking care of me for the rest of her day shift (got in at 330pm).  Ray stayed till I got settled -- he had to go get JP.  He just told me to keep him posted because it looked like he was going to have to go in to work (of course he would have to because no other Friday does he work).  I was on the monitors and sure enough there were the contractions.  They were uncomfortable but tolerable.    Dr. Birsner (my fave chief resident) realized I was on and checked me at 5.  She said "oh yea you're 5cm w/a laboring cervix & a very tense bag of water."  She's like "oh please have these babies on my service!!"  I told her "my body would do it's best!" Then S called with great news that she was able to get an earlier flight & was going to be landing at 830pm.  B was going to pick her up & they would be there as soon as they could.  I let Ray know, so he knew I would have them there by my side.  Well it was time for my IV, so I could get my pencillin (for group b strep), fluids & bloodwork.  Everyone thinks my veins are amazing, but sure enough Lindsay & her trainee Rn blew 2 of them.  I know she felt bad, but luckily, one of the techs got the 3rd try in.  After that, I started walking the halls helping things along. All the nurses on both sides couldn't believe it was finally time.  I was just chatting w/everyone :)  I did manage to get a pic w/Lindsay & Brandi before they left.  Then it was shift change & time for my epidural.  I had Lauren for my new nurse.  She also "knew" me, but I never actually had her on the ante partum floor.  The epidural went great and made me feel great!  I love them ;-)  Once I got resettled, I called my mom, & the boys.  I told Ray I would keep him posted and to let me know if he would have to go in.  S&B arrived about 930pm :)  They set up "camp" in my room. By 10, Dr. Birsner came back in to check me -- 7cm!!  I was just chugging along.  We were all just so excited.  I think we all figured the babies would be arriving after midnight.  Dr. Birsner still assumed my water was going to break on it's own because of how tense it was.  She said it was getting kind of crazy, and she'd be back in to check around 1 after the c-section if I hadn't felt any different.  We all just hit the exhaustion wall and tried to sleep.  Poor S&B had to share the pullout sleep chair.  Lauren came in at 1 w/no Dr. Birsner -- c section was running longer than expected.  Ovay!  She finally came in at 230am.  She checked.  I was stalled at 7!!  We asked about having them break my water right then or starting some pitocin.  They still wanted to wait, so back to sleep we all went.  At 530 Dr. B checked again still 7!  We were just like come on please break my water.  She still said that the"higher ups" wanted to wait.  I know she would have if it was just her choice.  At this point, we were all pretty much awake.  S&B got breakfast downstairs.  By the time they got back up (630am), Dr. Birsner came in w/Dr. Nigrini (fellow).  Dr. Birsner checked one last time still no change, so they FINALLY broke my water!!! I was debating on whether or not to text Ray, but I figured him and JP were still sleeping especially if he had to work.  Now it was really game on.  My epidural worked marvelous.  I only felt a slight difference after my water broke -- just like he was farther down the birth canal.  When Lauren went out for shift change, I heard one of my other favorite nurses Heather!  She was so happy to be on and to have me!!  She came in at 730 followed by Ray and JP!  I couldn't believe it!!! I was soo happy to see them :)  I was soo surprised.  Turns out Ray did go to work and pretty much went home showered, got JP and came to see us since I hadn't text any more news.  Well Dr. Birsner wanted to check me one last time before she left for the day -- thank god she did!  At 745am I was 9.5cm!!!!  I knew that when my water was broke that was all it was gonna take (still can't believe I didn't even need any pitocin at all!!).  S quickly got the scrub gown on.  Heather got everything in my room ready, so I could be rolled into the OR.  Ray & JP stayed with Bob in the room outside the OR -- it worked perfect.  It was weird being in the OR knowing that I wasn't going to have a c-section.  It was just a crazy organized chaos in there and freezing cold!  Once S got in the room, Dr. Birsner checked me again.  I was fully +2 station!!  Her and Dr. Nigrini were like "let's see how you push."  I gave it the ol' college try -- just like riding a bike LMAO ;-)  I wasn't really feeling contractions just the constant pressure.  I think Heather counted for me one time, but I was just in the zone.  I didn't scream and just focused on Dr. Birsner's face.  Sure enough, after only about 7 minutes Owen entered the world (820am)!!  I looked at S's face -- that was what all the bedrest was for.  It was amazing!  She was able to cut his cord and everything.  Meanwhile,  Dr. Birsner had to do some coaxing of Ellie because she started to "float" in all the open space.  She was still head down though, so I gave a few "pushes" along w/her hand -- down she came.  I started pushing and S was still in awe of Owen.  I was like "Hey S Hey S I'm pushing!!" -- so funny everyone was laughing ;-)  Dr. Birsner broke Ellie's came out like a tidal wave.  Another short 7 minutes go by,  she comes flying into the world!!  It went exactly as I had planned/hoped.  Besides marrying Ray, having JP, this was the most amazing thing I could have ever done.  Of course it was hard being away from my family and my baby,  I always had my eye on the prize though.  It was just unreal to see that prize come to life well 2 lives to be exact.  I am beyond honored & blessed to have been S&B's surrogate.  I can't thank everyone enough for all the support I have gotten these past 88 days.  People ask why did I go through all of this, because there is nothing more amazing than bringing 2 human beings into this world & helping create a family. 

Until Tomorrow,



I still can't believe how everything worked out perfectly-- the stars really aligned!! 


  1. That's a beautiful birth story! I'm all misty eyed reading it! Congrats to you, the new mommy and daddy and those healthy little babies!

  2. What a great story!!! Congrats again!