Saturday, July 2, 2011


Day 45 of hospital bed rest

I was out like a light last night.  Well, I had a new resident for my early morning rounds -- 630ish (Dr. Duke's last day of rotation was yesterday).  She's new and still talks LOUD.  If I have her tomorrow, I'm going to say hey can we take it down a notch.  I thought the boys were going to be here at 10am, so I was up just talking to my parents on the phone.  They ended up sleeping in, and YES JP changed AGAIN last night.  They got here about 1145am.  I knew Ray had got a "new" shirt that was a surprise. He wore it today and JP matched him...

Introducing Captain America and Captain America Jr.  That's SO them.  It definitely brightened up my day just that fact HAHA!  I was saying for JP's bday in August, we should get him some Captain America toys.  Ray was like yea so I can play w/them.  Any who, I wasn't hungry yet.  They got their lunch on the way at Wendy's (I ate A LOT of kringle this morning).  After they were done eating, out to the garden we "rolled."  I proceeded to ask Ray about the Captain America comic -- have no clue about any marvel comic book backgrounds just LOVE all the movies :)  I just laugh how men never really grow up, so I was giggling to myself as he was explaining it to me.  We weren't out for too long because it was hot.  We went down to the cafeteria to quick grab my burger and went back up to my room.  As we watched Ax Men on the history channel, we all just snuggled in bed -- it was great :) My snoogle still smells like them -- I might have Ray bring his cologne on Monday.  Back when he was gone on the ship a lot, I would spray his cologne on the sheets.  It always made me sleep/feel better. They left about 230ish, and I wanted to get my linens changed.  Nevertheless, the front desk failed again (I always call a ton).  I ended up just passing out waiting for the nurse to come.  When I woke up, it was 5 minutes to 5.  I knew my nurse was coming in for vitals, meds, and the babies heart beats.  I brought up the linen change.  Sure enough, the desk didn't even tell her -- uhh!  She felt really bad and changed them right away.  Kelly did come over after dinner (yum - papa john leftovers).  We played Scrabble again -- I won :)  Yikes, I didn't notice the time...nurse should be here any sec!! 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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  1. Your little boy is very Hansome. Love the Captain America gear.