Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quiet on the home front

Day 52 of hospital bed rest

The boys came bright and early at 10 this morning!  That's always my favorite.  JP brought his hammer "Pat" from Handy Manny.  I guess he just wanted to fix some things while he was here.  Ray brought my fresh laundry. He mentioned the other day that he bought some new laundry detergent-- boy do my PJs smell amazing :)  & all the rest. 

JP got mommy's wheel chair already to go and pushed me out the door.  We went outside for a bit, so I could get my extra vitamin D & "fresh" air.  We got lunch afterwards -- Ray ran over to Popeye's across the street.  The Twinkies and I loved it.  I can't even remember the last time I ate Popeye's, but I saw a commercial the other day.  It got me "thinking" LOL.  He's been amazing this whole time -- always taking care :)  We did go back outside in the downstairs terrace.  There was another family out there w/2 little girls.  JP was all about them.  It was too funny watching him watch them.  Quickly after we got out there though, I had to go pee, so up to the room we went.  JP ate the lemon ice I ordered for him while Ray and I got some snuggle time in just watching tv on the bed.  He actually fell asleep -- so cute.  He's definitely been tired being "Super" dad.  When my nurse came in at 1pm to do vitals and meds, he actually got JP all set to take a nap with us.  Alas, being at the end of the hallway its just too loud for him to fall asleep.  It would have been wonderful but they ended up leaving around 130pm.  The rest of the afternoon I just talked with my family & worked on the "surprise."  Well, I'm about to watch "Tangled" finally -- Ray even loved it & downloaded it for me...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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