Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The babies are 25 weeks gestation today!!  3 weeks left to go on hospital bedrest (as long as everything stays the same) :)

So that above statement is my WOOHOO part of the title!  Now to the "ovay" part LOL...

I got a call about 1130ish from JP's daycare saying he had a fever of 101.9.  Immediately, I felt bad for Ray because I know that means he's not getting any sleep today.  Ray thought it was probably caused from JP running a muck outside on the playground in the heat and just not being hydrated.  Well, I wanted to be sure it wasn't something serious, so I got him an appt on base to be checked out.  Ray told me that as soon as they walked in the door at home JP grabbed the packers blanket & passed out on the loveseat (that's not our son at all).  Well the appt time came and went.  I didn't hear from Ray until about 315pm and got the news -- THEY BOTH HAVE STREP.  I am so glad I made the appt.  They think that JP contracted it yesterday based on his symptoms.  Ray didn't pop + on the 1st culture, so they used the 2nd ultra sensitive test.  It showed on that.  They were stuck at the clinic for like 4 hours, so I just felt bad for both of them :(  Ray said amazingly JP really lasted the whole time until right before they got their prescriptions.  The boys are home sick all week and that means I can't see them till next week -- SUPER BOO! I just hate it when they are sick.  I know you're wondering...I got my throat swabbed as well.  I'm waiting on the results just to be sure.

I did get a text today from my friend Cara saying that her and the baby will be visiting tomorrow!! I can't wait to see them both.  Then through the grape vine - aka my nurse, found out that there is another woman carrying multiples down the hall.  I thought I would pass her a note today seeing if she would just want to chat and maybe hang out :)  Well she emailed back and she sounds lovely!  She's carrying triplets (2 girls/boy). 

What a day!  I'm definitely ready to watch the season finale of "The Biggest Loser"...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies


  1. Woo Hoo for the Biggest Loser!! Sounds like you had quite the day. Maybe your favorite will win tonight on BL!!! :) I'll be watching too.

  2. Aww poor guys! I hope your test comes back negative though.