Wednesday, May 11, 2011

6 days to go...

Today is 6 days from 24 weeks viability (next Tuesday)! Officially Day 3 of bedrest.

Here's a quick recap of how I got on the couch...last Wednesday I had an appt at our MFM (maternal fetal medicine/high risk OBs) but before that was the twins monthly growth scan ultrasound.  The girl and boy looked great on the screen but the tech said they needed to do a trans-vaginal ultrasound.  I was a little confused. Well one of the drs from the MFM team comes w/ and i was like uh-oh. she's like we need to check ur cervix because it has shortened and we want to get a better measurement. They asked me if I'm on my feet all day or workout a lot. I said no I'm just a SAHM and my only exercise is our nightly family walks around our neighborhood.  She was happy to hear that and then she asked if I had been feeling any contractions or pressure and I said nope which is why I was really surprised.  Well they saw that there was "dynamic" funneling which means sometimes it funnels open and then it closes back up.They hung out in there for a lil bit to see if maybe I just wasn't feeling the contractions and there were none causing it. In the measurements it was between 2.1-2.5. she relayed this to the team upstairs and they got me in early for my MFM appt. The dr. I saw basically said its just watch and wait right now.  Of course I relayed this all to my IPs (intended parents S&B) and they both got flights down for the appt this past Monday.  When I saw the screen during our cervix check  the funnel had gotten bigger even though I didn't do anything and still felt great. The longest measurement they got was 1.4 and when I squeezed to simulate a contraction it went down to 1.1. The OB on rounds in ultrasound came in and we all agreed on the game plan.  I'm on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy only up to pee & grab food and on vaginal progesterone (it has shown in studies to prolong a short cervix).  The good thing is I'm having NO contractions and I'm 23 weeks 1 day today so our first goal is next week for viability which I have no doubt we'll make.  My IPs and I got a great support group in place for me and my family : my son is in daycare now full time (which he loves), bi-weekly cleaning service, & my neighbor Lauren is coming in the mornings to help JP get ready before my husband gets home (he works nights).  Lauren will also be staying the night w/JP if I need to go on hospital bedrest (she is awesome!). 

Anywho, I have decided to set daily goals for myself because heck I like lists and it makes time go by.  Yesterday the main goal was getting my Nook set up and today's goal was starting this blog :)  So I feel pretty accomplished.  Today I also plan on starting my bedrest "exercises" to help stave off atrophy.  I am getting much better now at making every bathroom break count to really cut down the time on my feet.  This morning when our son woke up early at 630am was a bit of a disaster. So that's when I had to call Lauren to save the day LOL and she'll be here Mon-Thurs mornings.  JP is still getting used to Mommy not being able to get off the couch but my hubby has just been amazing :)  As we say all hands on deck ( we're a navy family LOL).  I did get a hold of the nurse at the MFM clinic about getting our NICU/Labor and Delivery tour scheduled for next week.  She actually doesn't do that but emailed the NICU person for us and gave me the number for L/D.  I am waiting for 2 calls.  I just hope they can do it on the 18th when our next appt is.  S & B will be there and everything will be reassessed.  I just hope that I'll be able to keep bedresting at home but that's next week.  I feel very positive that we'll make it far but no one really knows how long this cervix will last.  I'm busy making lemonade out of lemons...but I think a lot of bedrest (by no means am I a pro LOL) is your mindset and having great support. 

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & the Twinkies


  1. You have such an amazing attitude, you will be a super productive person even while on bedrest!!! Grow babies grow!!!

  2. Wow, bedrest already. Yikes! I thought my 5 weeks of it was rough! Thinking positive thoughts for you and the twins...and hoping (although bedrest is no fun) that you'll be down for the count WELL past 24 weeks!
    *My cervix measured 2.1cm at 29 weeks - it did shrink as we moved along, but held strong, although short.*

  3. Cute blog! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that those babies stay put for weeks to come!