Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Day 12 of hospital bed rest

Today was quite a busy day!  Since it's Monday, I had my NST.  Everything was perfect once again : babies looked great and NO contractions.  I could hear my boys in the hall at 10.  JP said "that's mommy's room."  I hafta say they both looked ever so handsome today ;-)  JP was wearing this new orange polo daddy bought him the other day -- very dashing.  Ray was looking very nice in his striped button down shirt.  They took me out again to the garden.  This time we played wheelchair tag.  It was HILARIOUS! JP kept saying "chase me chase me."  After tag, the boys wanted lunch, so we went down to the cafeteria.  They had subway, and that's when S text me she was there :)  I'm really happy she came to visit.  The boys left at noon, so they could make it back home in time for JP's nap.  We had a nice girl's afternoon.  I was really hoping that she could take a peek at the twins, but apparently, it was hopping today in Labor & Delivery.  We found out that my growth scan will be this Friday.  I am really hoping for each baby to be at least 2lbs -- just hafta wait and see.  We did talk about baby items today like what they need to have right away.  Then, we did our research on pumps for me.  I really like all the reviews for the Medela Pump in Style.  We just need to decide on when to order it and all the accessories to make sure it's here & ready to go.  S then got down to business ;-)  NAIL TIME!  She brought her nail polish all the way from Boston.  I must say she did a fabulous job.  I mentioned that she should think about doing this part time HAHA   It's amazing how good you feel w/a fresh coat polish.  My feet were in dire need of polish and now have been revived. She is just a wonderful person for thinking of doing that.  Oh to top that, she got me the cutest card and this super cute bath robe.  I am so lucky to have the best IPs!! Well because of my jam packed day, I did not get that far on my needlepoint .  I did get the black started on the butterfly.  My needle will be waiting for me tomorrow :)

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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