Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Little Things...

Day 11 of hospital bed rest

I FINALLY got to see my boys today!!!  JP came walking in the door w/this little coach bag saying "I have mommy's present!"  I was like WHAT?!?!  In the bag were these 2 cute lil figurines that JP (w/help from daddy) colored and this gorgeous coach box wrapped in a bow :)  They got me a beautiful bracelet...Ray said that in the store JP actually picked it out because mommy likes butterflies.  I am just the luckiest.  They also got to take me out to the garden this afternoon.  Let me say that fresh air was amazing.  JP felt very important helping daddy push me in the wheelchair.  I really missed them this week.  I am really glad they came today, because I was in dire need of clean clothes LOL He also got me a new snoogle cover so mine could get washed.  Then, they treated mommy to "real" food down in the cafeteria for lunch -- fish sandwich YUM!  Ray also clarified that I am NOT doing cross stitch but am doing needle point.  I stand corrected.  I showed him the kanoodle -- got the first puzzle but now stuck (we'll see how he fairs tomorrow).  More good news, NO MORE BLOOD STICKS!!!  Sugars have been perfect, so I'll have the 3 hour glucose test end of this week or the next.  I can't wait, so I can get off this low carb diet.  Here's all the pics from today :)

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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  1. The bracelet is gorgeous! I'm glad you got to see your boys and had fun!