Friday, May 27, 2011

Started off on a soapbox!

Day 9 of hospital bed rest

Well my morning started awesome (insert sarcasm) at 530am, I got a brand new IV.  I was livid because I was sleeping amazing! Dr. Duke came in at 630am and was surprised to see me awake.  I promptly told her what happened, and she was pissed!  I was happy to hear that the charge nurse got ripped a new one HAHA!  That definitely put me in a better mood.  Ray then called me at 1000am to tell me JP aced his playgroup, so he's officially in pre-k for the fall!  The day was really starting to turn around.  Me and S chatted for a bit and told me she was coming to visit on Monday -- more good news :)  I got another surprise this afternoon: box of goodies from S & B.  They are just so wonderful.  They got me this puzzle game called "kanoodle" (did a couple basic puzzles but now am stumped LOL), cute nightlight, and a lovely cross-stitch kit (tomorrow's goal). 

Me and Manisha finally got to hang out this afternoon.  It was fun just hearing each other's stories of how we got here.  She's a very strong woman -- she's on week 5 of hospital bed rest and hopefully many more to come!  Her and the triplets have been through a lot.  She said she was actually having some contractions when we were talking, so of course I made sure she felt ok.  It's just really nice having a friend on the floor!

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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  1. I'm so glad there's someone there to talk to going through the same thing! I get so excited when I see you've posted! I admit I check your blog all day to see if there's a new post! I'm addicted to anything you have to say! :) Hopefully the nurses can now leave you alone until you are awake to mess with you.