Monday, May 16, 2011

1 day to go!!

Officially 1st week of bed rest complete! 1 day till our first goal of 24 weeks - viability!!!

I hafta say this week went by pretty fast.  I know last Monday it seemed like this was going to be the LONGEST week ever, but surprisingly, it just zoomed on bye.  I finished my 2nd book last night "Mrs. Perfect" -- excellent & a very fast read.  It's been a couple years actually since I've read something taking place in the 21st century LOL!! So I think I'll switch every other book now between the past and present.  I just picked a classic I've always wanted to read for my next selection - "Vanity Fair". 

Anywho, this morning I did feel nauseous again, but I had plenty of time to take my zofran and let my stomach settle.  I need to make sure I have another Rx put in for it at our appt on Wed.  JP woke up right on time at 6am, and by the time he took off his jammies and pull up Lauren walked in the door :)  Ray was able to get home fairly quick -- I'd say I heard his keys at the front door about 640 which was nice.  Lauren and her mom have been saving their magazines for me, so this morning she brought me a HUGE pile of People, InStyle, etc!! It's nice catching up on the gossip haha!  I wasn't too keen on JP getting up that early this morning, because I just didn't sleep very well last night -- couldn't get super comfy like normal.  I did manage to take a nap when Ray was ready to go to bed about 730.  I got almost 3 hours which felt good!  Oh before I forget, JP did NOT get a haircut yesterday just daddy :) 

My new book is calling my name...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitney & The Twinkies

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