Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st Goal Has been Accomplished!!

Today marks the twins 24th week of gestation -- we made our first goal of viability! Officially 1 week 1 day of bedrest...

I feel so great today!  Once again, I didn't sleep very well last night, but it doesn't matter because we made our first goal!!! The babies have been VERY active today -- they have been celebrating too.  S & B are flying in late tonight.  I made my list of things to pack in my suitcase, and I'll pack tonight before Ray leaves for work.  I just want to be prepared if they tell me tomorrow at our appt that I need to stay at the hospital.  After posting a thread on SMO, I got some great suggestions from fellow surros on what to pack besides toiletries and clothes.  I have prepared Ray that it's a definite possibility now.  He just said if you are staying at the hospital call me, otherwise we'll just talk when you get home - no news is good news.  Here's how tomorrow is laid out : 615am S & B will be picking me up , 800am ultrasound for cervical length, whenever that concludes we have our appt with the MFM team , 11am NICU tour, 1230pm Labor and Delivery tour and finally gestational diabetes gluclose test.  It's going to be a very long day.  Well the twinkies are saying it's time for dinner...

Until Tomorrow,

Whitne & The Twinkies


  1. Congrats on the 24 week mark! Yahoo!! Here's to a few more weeks! (I'm toasting you with a glass of wine :)

  2. You made it!!! WONDERFUL! I often wonder how it would feel like with TWO active babies moving around inside you..I know how it was with one, and it didn't feel good at times. Hopefully things look better at the doc's office, and I hate that drink!

  3. I never doubted you and the babies would make it to 24 weeks! Here's hoping that you don't have to make the hospital your temporary residence!